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Darkened, dried-up, aged eye area? 👀 What are you missing?

Are you ready to brighten all your future photographs? Especially with the holiday season approaching? Are you ready to get your eyes looking refreshed even before you go to bed and wake up as bright as the sun the next morning? 

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It’s time you got ready to transform the appearance of your undereye, your eyelid, and your crow’s feet area. And no, we’re not talking about any cream, gel or butter… not a health supplement, not a tool.

This time, we bring to you something very different… as if dug up straight from an ancient treasure chest, this tiny piece of gold (almost) for the eye area that will surely bring out the sparkle in your eyes instantly!

This time, it’s not just another product but a ritual, an instant revival ritual for dull, dry or wrinkled, fatigued under eyes! Discover a whole new (yet ancient) way to lighten and lift the look of lines and the darkness of exhaustion, plump and smooth the crisscross texture around your under-eyes and the crow’s feet area in one roll! Introducing iYura Lytlift Brightening Under Eye Oil Serm.

An ancient Round-The-Eye Resurfacing Brightness Elixir is now revealed!

iYura Lytlift Brightening Under Eye Oil Serum

iYura Lytlift Brightening Under Eye Oil Serum

Lighten and lift the look of lines and the Darkness of Exhaustion, Plump and Smooth the Crisscross Texture Around the Under Eyes and the Crow’s Feet Area in I-Roll Daily Use!

🤍Instantly brightens the under-eyes and gently allow brightness to resurface in the delicate area
🤍Reduce the appearance of lines around the crow’s feet area
🤍Soften, plump and de-texturize the crepey crisscross look on the skin around the eyes
🤍Cool, soothe and counter the heat and tiredness around your eyes with a single roll swipe
🤍Moisturize dry, dull under-eyes with a unique ‘Balance Intel’, disappearing formulation that soaks right into the skin, leaving just the right amount of cooling moisture and neither oily residue nor dry, parched skin

iYura Lytlift Brightening Under Eye Oil Serum

The most unique and powerful eye formulation you’ll ever use! Roll away dullness, dab away the look of fine lines, brighten your under-eyes, and massage out heat and exhaustion from your eyes like never before!

Lytlift has an incredible instant brightening effect, but along with that, despite being an oil Lytlift seems to know how much moisture your under-eye needs.

Unlike a lot of other eye products, especially gels that dry up hard on your skin, leave an uncomfortable tightening effect, and may cause pilling when you layer your face with products or creams that settle into your creases, Lytlift soaks right into your skin and imbues it with moisture from within. In moments, it disappears into your pores and gives you smooth, moisturized, lit-up under-eyes.

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