David & Charles Christmas Crochet Week 7

If you’ve been following the David & Charles posts, you’ll know that every week they release two festive afghan square patterns. Week 7 features an Elf and a toque square. Check them out and download the patterns. All the patterns are free and you have access to all of the Christmas Crochet squares.

They will release weekly patterns until the end of November – each week there will be 2 new granny square patterns for you. From these granny squares, you can make a huge range of items, so in a few weeks’ time, we’ll give you some make-inspiration for you to follow, or come up with your own use for them and show us your creativity! 

Week 7: Christmas Elf and Christmas Hat

elf crochet square
Photo by David & Charles

Elves are super busy right now helping Santa by making an abundance of toys in their festive workshop. And if we are making our own holiday gifts, it’s time we buckle down and get busy crafting. This happy little elf can be added to an afghan, pillow cover, scarf, bedspread, wallhanging and more!

toque crochet square
Photo by David & Charles

Get into the Christmas spirit with this pattern for cozy hats with a cute bushy little pom-pom. It’s the perfect square for the festive season. Design your toques to match your home decor! Or create them with holiday colors or sparkling yarn to add some cheer to your room. Make a snuggly afghan, add this square to your scarf, pillow, hand them from your tree and so much more! Personalize this Christmas season with these festive and unique crocheted squares!

If you are an avid crocheter, creating handmade Christmas gifts is one of the best parts of the holiday season. Making cozy wearables for your family and friends is a warm way of saying you love them. Here are a few of my favorite patterns that will make ideal gifts.