DC Comics, Year by Year, A Visual Chronicle

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DC Comics has entertained both kid and adult readers since June of 1934. They have the prestigious honor of being the greatest and longest-running comic book publisher of all time, and they are still going strong. DC stands for Detective Crimes and articles about various crime-solving sleuths were originally the focal point, but their trajectory changed quickly.

We love DC Comics because they introduced us to a profusion of legendary superheroes that impacted not only our lives but society in general. Over the past 85 years, they made comic books cool and created an unstoppable culture that thrives on… you got it, iconic superheroes, villains and action adventures! Without the ongoing raging battles between good and evil, there would be no stories to tell and recall. And it’s all recorded in the new DC Comics Year by Year, A Visual Chronicle book. It’s the most all-inclusive, chronological history of DC Comics published to date.

DC Comics

The DC Comics Year By Year features a month-by-month chronicle, delineating all their publications and events over the past 85 years. It also covers episodes and issues during the Golden Age (1938 – 1955), the Silver Age (1956 – 1969), the Bronze Age (1970 – 1979) to the Modern Age (1980 – present). Thanks to the outrageously skilled writers, talented artists, and creative contributors, their characters are kept alive in movies, television shows, toys, cartoons, and more for our enjoyment.

These chronicles are broken down by decades. From Superman and the iconic Ben-Day dot comic strips of the 40s to celebrating DC’s 1000th publication that takes readers on a journey through Batman’s past, present and future.

As you peruse this compendium, you’ll glean insight into the lives of all the DC characters. The 1930s features the genesis of DC Comics. This includes their FUN Magazine, New Comics, Detective Comics, and Action Comics. Also featured were superheroes and villains like the Justice League, Red Tornado, the Crimson Avenger, the Sandman, and the debut of Superman. The world said hello to Superman in the Action Comics in the June 1938 issue. Let’s not forget Batman, DC Comics launched his crime-fighting career in the pages of Detective Magazine in the May 1939 issue. The Golden Age of Comics was born.

The 1940s was an exciting decade for comic fans. They released a surplus of superheroes and villains. Some we know well, others are long forgotten. The Green Lantern shone his light as an evil villain in the All American Comics. The Flash, The Atom, Doctor Fate, Star Man, Green Arrow, Speedy, Aquaman, Johnny Quick, the Vigilante, Two-Face, Wonder Woman were also brought to life in the 40s. The 1950s was the decade of sci-fi and introduced Astra Girl of the Future! Each decade reveals more characters and interesting facts that seemed to reflect the state of our world.

Each DC Comic issue features its cover and a summary of its contents and its writers. Each year also shares the changes that were evident by the new characters, improved graphics and the ongoing sagas of our favorite superheroes. DC Comics never get old. Whether your a diehard fan or a casual reader, this detailed edition will be a joy to read. It comes with 2 full-color stunning comic prints that are secured in a pouch on the back cover.

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