Pure Sea Glass Calendar

As 2021 retires, it’s quite credulous to believe that we are still dealing with global health issues. Our health care system has seriously let us down. For many, they believe it’s the new norm with lockdowns, mandates and several needlepoint punctures on the arm. I personally will never accept this. It’s having a deleterious effect on people of all age’s mental states. If you look at other parts of the world…Italy, France, Australia, Germany…etc, people are protesting being forced to succumb to the unconstitutional demands of their governments. Our rights are being taken away and most of us are numb to this fact. It’s time the world wakes and realizes that something is not right in Dodge! Here’s hoping that 2022 will be a much brighter and happier year. And with that thought, a calendar is an accessory that will keep us on track.

Pure Sea Glass 2022 Calendar

Maybe in 2022, we can engage in those plans that we’ve put on hold for a few years. The Pure Sea Glass Calendar features stunning photos of different colored sea glass. I grew up on the beach and I fondly remember wading along the shore and seeing it sprinkled with water-polished pieces of colored glass. I never picked them up, but there were lots of people who went searching for these tumbled stones and added them to their collection.

Sea glass is shards of glass that have been weathered, worn, and naturally frosted by being jostled in the water for years and years. They come in every color, but some are rarer than others. Complete with facts on sea glass that will benefit avid collectors and the occasional beachcomber, this is a yearlong delight for anyone who loves nature and the seashore.

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