Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish

Color has a lot of power. It can produce significant psychological effects, alter our mood, enhance our energy, and evoke a torrent of emotions. Some colors are warm and cozy, while others are cool and soothing. They can also spark and boost productivity, creativity, and feelings of ambrosial happiness. Colors are healing. That’s why we crave a variety of colors in our lives, including our home decor and furnishings, our wardrobe, and accessories like our nail polish. Del Sol has a unique line of nail polish that will instantly change colors when exposed to sunlight! And they’re gorgeous! Color me happy!

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish

Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome technology is the key because it harnesses the solar power of the sun to alter the color dye. The organic crystals in each product will stay dormant until you go outside. Then the sunlight’s UV rays get these crystals all excited and they morph to a different color. So you get two looks and colors in all of Del Sol’s products. These colors are the most intense, brightest, and radiant colors from a palette of 300 colors. So wearing a lacquer will look one color indoors and a totally different color when you’re outdoors. How cool is that?

The Del Sol nail polish is available in three styles, Glitter, Matte, and Shimmer. Each of these styles has its own selection of colors to choose from. All of their lacquers are free of DPB, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin. And they are cruelty-free – never tested on animals. Plus, Del Sol offers a Lifetime Color-Change Guarantee.

Each lacquer has both colors shown on the bottle lid, so you know what to expect indoors and what color it changes to outdoors. The Glitter lacquers have lots of little sparkles that reflect and glow in both colors. The Shimmer lacquers have a super high gloss pearl-like sheen that is never-ending. And the Matte lacquers have a nice rich velvety appearance that will look great on fingernails and toenails.

Some of the transition colors are more subtle while others are vibrantly different. You can also adjust the intensity with the number of coats you apply. It just depends on what your mood is or maybe what you are wearing. Each nail polish bottle is securely sealed in bubble wrap so they will arrive safe and in one piece. With the dreary colors of winter, wearing cheerful and colorful Del Sol nail polish will perk up our mood, add flair to your outfit and brighten up our day!

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.