Del Sol Color Changing Sunglasses

When I was a kid, I never wore sunglasses and the brilliant glow of the sun didn’t really bother me. But, as I got older I became more sensitive to the sun and I started wearing shades. Sunglasses protect our eyes from UV rays and eliminate the harsh glare while driving or enjoying outdoor activities. This includes winter when the glare from the snow is almost blinding. Sunglasses also shield our eyes from the elements like wind, dust, sand and other particles. They also decrease the risk of age-related eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. Clearly, sunglasses are far more than a fashion accessory.

That being said, we’re not going to wear just any pair of shades. We still want to present ourselves with an up to date look and declare our flair with tasteful and stylish sunglasses. You couldn’t make a bigger or bolder statement than with the Del Sol Color Changing Sunglasses.

Del Sol Solize Sunglasses are no ordinary shades, they are a one-of-a-kind brand. They have a lot of attributes that make them a must-have fashion accessory year-round. All of the Solize Sunglasses come with their trademark PolarizedPro lens which protects our eyes from the harmful UVA/UVB rays, sharpen our vision and filter out glare from all reflective surfaces.

Some styles of the Solize sunglasses have the Del Sol trademark SPECTRA PolarizedPro lenses which is a reflective coating on the surface and is available in several colors. Each shade not only enhances color but have their own special features. I’ve always loved the look of the blue reflective sunglasses and was happy to learn they improve definition and contrast. But after reading that the pink, orange, red and yellow reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches, I see the advantage of having sunglasses with a variety of SPECTRA colored lenses. You can learn more about all the benefits of the various SPECTRA colors here.

DelSol Sunglasses Spectra colors

The lens also comes with a lifetime warranty so when you purchase a pair, they come with a unique Guarantee Code that is marked on the box. You’ll have to keep this box as it’s your warranty. If your Solize sunglasses get stolen, lost or damaged, simply fill out their redemption form and request a replacement pair. I don’t know of any other company that features this kind of offer and service.

Solize lifetime guarantee

** Importantly, the PolarizedPro lenses are made to last a lifetime, they are scratch-resistant and shatterproof. **

Having a guarantee that Del Sol Solize sunglasses will not shatter or mar is a huge bonus. I don’t know how many pairs of shades I’ve thrown out because they got were scratched or bent or the lenses cracked.

The Del Sol sunglasses also have another fabulous feature, it’s their trademark Spectrachrome technology. This means their frames change color when exposed to the sun. So you get two looks in one pair of sunglasses. Check out some of the styles hot this season.

Ocean Spray

Solize Ocean Spray Sunglasses

The Ocean Spray sunglasses have a sleek look that would look fabulous on both men and women. Their durable frames change from charcoal to a stunning blue when exposed to the sun. They have the gorgeous blue mirrored lenses which help you see clearer and reduces eye strain. They come with a soft cloth drawstring pouch so you can keep them safe where ever you go.

I’ve been wearing the Ocean Spray sunglasses for a few weeks now and the difference from my old pair is significant. Everything is brighter, clearer and I don’t squint anymore. They’re extremely lightweight so no pressure on your nose or behind your ears.

Let’s talk about sizing. Not all sunglasses fit well and can put pressure on the sides of your head and behind your ears, giving you a ferocious headache. The Ocean Spray offers wearers a standard fit, so they would probably be too big for children and too small for those with a larger face. Del Sol does carry sunglasses specific for kids and some of their styles cater to larger sizes. I found the Ocean Spray to fit just right and I absolutely love them.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Solize Wouldn't It Be Nice Sunglasses

As you can tell, all the sunglasses have really cool names. The Wouldn’t It Be Nice shades have an edgier look with slimmer durable frames and blue mirrored lenses. The frames change from silver to a vivid blue when exposed to the sun. The flex hinges make the sunglasses very comfortable to wear, there is no pressure or tension on your head. They also offer 100% UVA/B protection and are available in the standard size. They have the lifetime guarantee and come with the soft cloth pouch case.

Summer is getting closer and the sun is going to be higher, hotter and brighter. Many will be spending time at the lake and the glare from the water can be uncomfortable and put a strain on our eyes. The Del Sol Solize sunglasses will diminish the glare and make your outdoor experience far more enjoyable.

I clean these sunglasses like I do my reading glasses, with a soft cloth and clean water. Depending on how dirty the lenses are, sometimes I will use organic dish liquid to clean them. The Del Sol sunglasses are easy to clean and maintain.

One more thing I must mention is the great price. The Solize sunglasses range anywhere from $59 to $119 for adults. There are well-known name brands out there that will put a huge dent in your budget. Many of them do not have the same guarantee that Del Sol offers, so you can beat the value of their products.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.