Del Sol Color Changing Summer Accessories

We finally made it to summer and the flood gates have opened to all the fun activities we should be experiencing during the hot months. Sizzling temperatures, bright sun, cooler attire, and juicy watermelon are hallmark signs of a fantastic summer. Of course, that also means sporting the latest and trendiest summer accessories! Flip-flops, swimsuits, shorts, tanks, sunglasses, visors, and hats are a must. But, if you want to amp up your fashion flair to the next level, then Del Sol sunglasses and hats check all the boxes. There are lots of stylish summer wearables on the market, but Del Sol products are unique in that they change color in the sun! Del Sol Is Fun In The Sun!

Del Sol Color Changing Sunglasses

Del Sol has a huge collection of color-changing sunglasses for the whole family. Each has its own style, patterns, and dual-color combos. Plus, they are all polarized. The PolarizedPro lenses come in several colors, each providing specific benefits. Its mirror-like effect makes your view clearer and sharper with decreased glare and reduced eye strain. These include Blue/Purple, Brown, Green, Pink/Orange/Red, Silver, and Yellow.

The sunglasses are available in 3 styles, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Sport. There are so many to choose from, that it’s tempting to get more than one pair. But, having a variety of Del Sol sunglasses in your accessory closet will allow you to alter your look to match your attire, mood or event. Here are some of my favorites.

Del Sol Ocean is Calling Sunglasses

Del Sol Ocean is Calling Sunglasses
Ocean is Calling Sunglasses

The Ocean is Calling Sunglasses are stunning. The SPECTRA polarized lenses are a beautiful intense bright blue. The frames change from a clear color to a deep bright blue color that matches the lens. I love this color. They offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, have rubber comfort earpieces, and a clear finish. Plus, Del Sol offers a lifetime guarantee against theft, damage and loss. They come in a large fit so they would be ideal for both men and women.

Del Sol One Love Sunglasses

Del Sol One Love Sunglasses
One Love Sunglasses

The One Love Sunglasses are sassy, feminine and have a pink power vibe. Ladies and young girls can strut this fashionable pair of shades as they morph from white to a beautiful pink. The lightweight and durable frames sport a diamond pattern in various hues with an ivory-white background. When you go out in the sun, the frames turn pink and the polarized lenses turn brown. They offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and a lifetime replacement guarantee. secret code: spectracolor

The Del Sol Color Changing Sunglasses are in a class of their own. Their unique ability to change colors sets them apart from all other brands. Plus, their prices are incredibly reasonable and affordable for budget-friendly families. It’s a win-win!

Del Sol Color Changing Hats

Equally as stylish are the Del Sol Trucker Hats. For a lot of guys, these hats are a must-have all year round. But more and more ladies are embracing hats, especially those with colorful graphics. Designed for warmer weather, they feature a brim, a mesh back for airflow, along with a snap closure.

Del Sol Palm Sunrise Trucker Hat

Del Sol Palm Sunrise Trucker Hat
 Palm Sunrise Trucker Hat

The one size fits all Palm Sunrise Hat can be worn by men and women. The colors are fetching and the graphics gorgeous. Without the sun you have a calm beach scene with gulls. Once exposed to the sun, a vibrant sunray explodes around the whole front panel. It’s perfect for a day at the beach or park, running daily errands or going to work.

Del Sol Ocean Surf Trucker Hat

Del Sol Ocean Surf Trucker Hat
Ocean Surf Trucker Hat

The Ocean Surf Trucker Hat features a mesh back, snap closure, sturdy brim and a cool ocean scene! Out of the sun, you have black and white waves. While outside in the sun, your hat will feature a warm sunrise/sunset and rolling blue waves along the shoreline. This summer is going to be Spectra colorful!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


  1. I would love to buy some of your amazing color changing sunglasses for my two young adults with Autism ❤💚

    Thanks for the chance and for the amazing giveaway 💜

    Good luck everyone 💜

  2. Those sunglasses and hat are really cute. I would absolutely love to wear them. Thanks for the chance.

  3. If I won I would buy the Never Gonna Leave Sunglasses. Very cool looking and they are on sale. I would also get a couple of bottles of nail polish. Have a great summer everyone!

  4. So many great finds on the website. Besides the great sunglasses, I would love to purchase the t-shirts. I especially love the King Of Sea Tee in white!

  5. So many great finds on the website. Besides the great sunglasses, I would love to purchase the t-shirts. I especially love the King Of Sea Tee in white!

  6. Definitely some of our nail polishes! And I am loving those sunglasses. I am undecided beyond that

  7. I would buy the Sunglasses and I really like their tees as well, especially the Swirly Dolphin Tee.

  8. I would definitely buy some of the colour changing hats – I love them!! The designs are awesome! I especially love the Palm Sunrise, Ocean Surf and Beach Days designs.

  9. I would get myself a new pair of sunglasses, I haven’t had a new pair in years! I really like the Good Day Sunshine Sunglasses. The color changing is a really cool feature!

  10. I would love the color changing sunglassses for myself or perhaps youd suggest something that would be a good option for my migraines. The sun just beats on my head!

  11. I would spend the gift certificate on t-shirts for my husband and myself. They have so many cute ones to chose from!

  12. I wear sun glasses year round. I would love to buy a blue pair of color changing sun glasses

  13. I would buy a few of the women’s tee shirts and some press-on nails. I like the sunglasses too.

  14. Love that colour changing Mother’s Day tote they have on the site! What a lovely prize!!!

  15. I like the Sweet Summertime Sunglasses. I definitely need a pair of polarized sunglasses and Del Sol has a lot of different styles and colors.

  16. I would definitely buy my husband some of the awesome color changing sunglasses and myself a hat!

  17. I would let my kids choose the hats they want! Its so hot here and I always want them to wear hats to keep them cool and keep their faces from burning when they play outside.

  18. I would love to buy new sunglasses for my granddaughters, they have outgrown the ones I bought when they were just little

  19. Oh my stars, these are so fun! All my kids would want to pick something out for themselves and their cousins.

  20. When I was a kid I was OBSESSED with this store when I went to the beach each summer! I’d like to buy some nail polish for myself and sunglasses for my nephew

  21. Wow! These are amazingly cool. Nothing else like thes. I especially love the hats. Beautiful

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