Del Sol Polarized Sunglasses

Although summer is not officially here, the weather is warmer and stores are filled with hot-season accessories. Breezy shorts, colorful tanks, stylish sandals, sun hats, and of course trendy sunglasses. While you could don generic brand shades that provide some protection from UV rays, a better option is sporting a pair of Del Sol Color-Changing Sunglasses.

Del Sol Polarized Sunglasses

Why Del Sol Sunglasses

Del Sol Sunglasses are setting trends in the latest eyewear fashion that’s pumped with not only function but with lots of flashy and funky flair. Del Sol sunglasses are not only the hottest and trendiest eyewear on the market, but they also offer color-changing abilities when exposed to the sun, so you get two looks in one pair. How awesome is that?

Del Sol Solize Sunglasses are no ordinary shades, they are a one-of-a-kind brand. They have a lot of attributes that make them a must-have fashion accessory year-round. All of the Solize Sunglasses come with their trademark PolarizedPro lens which protects our eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays, sharpens our vision, and filters out glare from all reflective surfaces.

Some styles of the Solize sunglasses have the Del Sol trademark SPECTRA PolarizedPro lenses which is a reflective coating on the surface and are available in several colors. Each shade not only enhances color but has its own special features. I’ve always loved the look of the blue reflective sunglasses and was happy to learn they improve definition and contrast. But after reading that the pink, orange, red, and yellow reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches, I see the advantage of having sunglasses with a variety of SPECTRA-colored lenses. You can learn more about all the benefits of the various SPECTRA colors here.

Del Sol Spectra colors

The lens also comes with a lifetime warranty so when you purchase a pair, they come with a unique Guarantee Code that is marked on the box. You’ll have to keep this box as it’s your warranty. If your Solize sunglasses get stolen, lost or damaged, simply fill out their redemption form and request a replacement pair. I don’t know of any other company that features this kind of offer and service.

** Importantly, the PolarizedPro lenses are made to last a lifetime, they are scratch-resistant and shatterproof. **

Del Sol lifetime guarantee

Del Sol Sunglasses come in an amazing variety of colors and styles for women, men, and kids. Let’s check out some of the cool designs.

Where Do I Belong

Del Sol Where Do I Belong Sunglasses

Without Sun

Del Sol Where Do I Belong Sunglasses

With Sun

The Del Sol Where Do I Belong Sunglasses are lightweight shades that are generous with color and a tropical print. The floral bloom print is on the side of the arms and complements the color-changing frames harmoniously. The frames change color from white to a gorgeous hot pink color that women and young ladies will find appealing. They offer an average fit, provide 100% UVA/UVB protection, and reduce brightness and provide high-contrast viewing. Comes with a soft case for storage and protection.

Paradise Found

Del Sol Paradise Found Sunglasses

Without Sun

Del Sol Paradise Found Sunglasses

With Sun

The Del Sol Paradise Lost Sunglasses are sporting an aviator-style frame. The frames are lightweight, durable and impact-resistant. Love the mirror look? Me too. The Silver-mirrored PolarizedPro lenses will reduce sun brightness and glare without any color distortion and allay eyestrain. This timeless style is ideal for men, but they look attractive on ladies as well. The frames change from a neutral silver to a gorgeous turquoise blue. They fit average to wide faces and come with a soft case.

My Sharona

Del Sol My Sharona Sunglasses
My Sharona Without Sun
Del Sol My Sharona Sunglasses
My Sharona With Sun

The Del Sol My Sharona retrospect sunglasses feature a very 50s, yet contemporary vibe. They are from a renewable source, derived from tree pulp and natural cotton fibers. They change color from a white with pink design to a pretty medium blue. They offer an average fit and come with a soft case.

Just A Dream

Del Sol Just a Dream Sunglasses
Just a Dream Without Sun
Del Sol Just a Dream Sunglasses
Just a Dream With Sun

The Del Sol Just a Dream sunglasses feature a stylish brow bar and brown polarized lens. They lower part of the frame morph from white to black when exposed to the sun. They are under the ladies sunglasses, but men can rock them too. These shades come with a hard and soft case.

Under The Boardwalk

Del Sol Under the Boardwalk Sunglasses

Without Sun

Del Sol Under the Boardwalk Sunglasses

With Sun

The Del Sol Under The Boardwalk sunglasses have an edgy vibe that guys like. They feature a silver mirrored polarized lens that is great for decreasing glare without any color distortion. The frames are durable, lightweight and impact-resistant. The offer flex hinges and they turn from silver to a vibrant blue when out in the sun. Secret code: exposure. They fit average to wide faces and come with a soft case for protection.

The Del Sol sunglasses are easy to clean and care; just like any other eyewear you want to use a water and a soft cloth. Plus they are budget friendly and have a lifetime guarantee. This summer sport the coolest shades on the market.

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Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


  1. these sunglasses are so unique and fashionable. I recently had cataract surgery and no longer need prescription lenses. I would be honored to win a pair.

  2. Love going to the beach in the summer. These beautiful sunglasses will protect my eyes in style

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  9. At first i was a bit leery of entering this contest… do i really need sunglasses, i thought to myself. But reading the review, seeing the glasses, (they change colour!!!) Now I need them!

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  11. I miss all of the things in the Del Sol store in Virginia Beach. That was one thing my kids looked forward to all the time. Always new and cool merchandise. Now sunglasses, I am so excited. Thank goodness for your website, I live clear across the US now.

  12. I’d love to win a pair of these sunglasses because they are the coolest ones I’ve ever seen ! Love the Vibe 🥰

  13. I need to get a new pair of sun glasses and love the fact that certain colours reduce eye strain and fatigue,fit your face well without giving headaches and have a lifetime warranty even if they have been lost.They sound like they have all the great features I was looking for in a new pair of sun glasses. Love to win!

  14. Hi, I would really like to win this giveaway so I don’t damage my eyes when I am out in the sun. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway and for the chance to win.

  15. they look like really nice glasses and I have sensitive eyes and they look like these would be perfect

  16. I love the sun blocking clothing so much. I would choose something for my husband to wear.

  17. very cool sunglasses! i do not leave home without my sunglasses as i have very sensitive eyes and these are some of the coolest shades i’ve seen and i love all the different styles!

  18. I would love to win thus prize because their sunglasses are so cute and mine have a broken lense and my dog chewed on the ends:(

  19. I don’t own any sunglasses because I’ve never found any I like. These look like such good quality.

  20. I love the style of the “Under The Boardwalk” sunglasses. They would be fun to wear this summer.

  21. Del Sol Polarized Sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. They feature a patented technology that changes the color of the lenses according to the sunlight intensity. Del Sol Polarized Sunglasses are stylish, durable and comfortable to wear. Whether you are driving, hiking, fishing or relaxing on the beach, Del Sol Polarized Sunglasses will enhance your vision and your look. Thank you

  22. These sunglasses are amazing! They protect my eyes from the bright sun and they look stylish too. I always wear them when I go out because they suit any outfit. They come in many different designs and colors to choose from.

  23. I would love to win because these remind me of being younger and those cool color changing shirts, I would love to share these with my kids.

  24. Because these sunglasses are so cute! I am always scratching up my sunglasses and could always use more pairs for summer.

  25. I need to protect my eyes from the sun and Del Sol is a fun, fashionable way to do that. Bring on summer!

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  31. I would love to win this giveaway because my current sunglasses are 5 years old and are low quality.

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  33. I would love to win because I could really use a new pair of sunglasses, and these are awesome! I love the way that they change color in the sun, so cool!

  34. These sunglasses are beautiful, and sound like would work very well to protect you eyes in the sun. Thanks for the chance to win. Would love to try them out.

  35. I like Paradise Found for the way the frames turn blue in the sun. I would like to try them out.

  36. I spend the summer on the beach and bays in San Diego – polarized is mandatory to save my eyes.

  37. I’ve never heard of these sunglasses before today. They look good and the warranty is hard to beat. I would enjoy wearing these while playing golf.

  38. I’d love to win because these styles are so different from the sunglasses I usually buy.

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