Deliberate Receiving

I think the majority of us have heard about the law of attraction and watched the movie the Secret. It looks easy, right? Then why have we not manifested our heart’s desires? Why are we still in the same place, but now a few years older? What’s up with that, and how can we master this law? My newest book, Deliberate Receiving, Finally, the Universe Makes Some Freakin’ Sense! will answer all these questions.

Deliberate Receiving, Finally, the Universe Makes Some Freakin' Sense!Contents

  1. Who the Hell is Melody Fletcher?
  2.  Welcome to the Game
  3.  How the Game Works
  4.  Focus, Frequency and Feelings
  5.  The Anatomy of Resistance
  6.  The 4 Crappy Core Belief’s We All Share
  7.  Introducing the Spectrum of Empowerment
  8.  Understanding Our Emotions
  9.  Awareness – What You Really Want and How You Actually Feel
  10.  Using the Progression to Release Resistance
  11.  Using Your Emotions to Release Resistance
  12.  Manifesting the Reality You Want

I love this book. The author has a wild sense of humor and holds no punches back. If it’s bullshit, she says so. So, let’s cut to the chase here as well. If we don’t have what we want, it’s because we had caused it. Yes, we alone. It’s our set of beliefs and resistances that are holding back our heartfelt desires. Deliberate Receiving has a balanced step-by-step formula that will kick us in the butt and get on the right track.

We may have been raised to believe that wealth is unchristian or evil. Or, perhaps we’ve developed feelings of unworthiness. Well, both are a load of crap! Maybe it’s time to grasp this and move out of our old set of rules and develop new ones that have a positive effect on our lives now and in the future. Reading this book will empower you and yes, get you manifesting your wants quickly. It offers reasons why we are not growing or manifesting. Deliberate Receiving is so well written and packed with enlightened information that I had a hard time putting it down. P.S. I manifested something I wanted in four days!! Now there’s the power we all have!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.