Delta Lahara Sensor Touch Faucet

Our bathrooms probably have some of the highest traffic in our homes. That being said it will also have more germs and bacteria than the rest of the house. In an effort to keep it clean, we scrub this room more often to keep it fresh and sparkling. There is no doubt our bathroom faucets are ladened with copious amounts of contaminating germs, bacteria, and the unknown! It’s a universal practice to wash your hands after using the toilet, but we actually recontaminate our hands when we shut the faucet off.

Delta Faucet is a leader in designing kitchen and bathroom faucets that not only look beautiful but have also incorporated some advanced technology. With the progression in sensor plumbing, Delta has created Touch2O Technology. What this means is you can activate water flow by moving your hands, toothbrush, face cloths, etc, within 4 inches around the faucet. Or you can simply touch the spout or the handle to turn it on or off.

I got to review one of their newest bathroom faucets, the Lahara single-handle Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O Technology. The faucet comes with a Quick Start Guide which takes you through the installation steps. It offers great illustrations and explanations so a person with minimal plumbing experience will be able to install this faucet efficiently. Being the faucet is a sensor-operated tap it requires electrical power from a battery pack. This is the first time I’ve seen a fixture that says “batteries included”. It comes with all the hardware you will need to install on either a one or three-hole sink. Also supplied with the faucet is a popup drain that fits a standard sink.

It took my husband a couple of hours to install and it went very smoothly. So we got the tap set up by turning the handle to the ON position and then adjusted the temperature and flow rate. Now with the handle still in the ON position, you can tap anywhere on the spout, body, or handle to stop or start the water flow. There is a blue LED light at the base of the tap that indicates the water is flowing.

These sensor faucets are quite common in public restrooms and I’m really glad they are making their way into residential homes. I’m loving my new tap and I know it’s helping to keep my bathroom cleaner. I got the faucet in Brilliance Stainless and it looks so beautiful in my bathroom. It has a chic elegant look and feels to it that really enhances the overall look of my bathroom. The convenience of hands-free fixtures is the way to go and no doubt will be commonplace in the future.

Disclaimer: I received a product for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own yours may differ.