Denby Cast Iron Oval Casserole Dish Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

I’ve had some of my cookware for years and years and they are starting to show their age. When I was younger I didn’t always buy the best products, usually, I bought what was on sale. But now I’m replacing my aged cookware with high quality cast iron cook and bakeware. They’re kind of the creme-de-la-creme of kitchenware.

Denby carries a nice selection of quality cast iron products from griddles, skillets, omelet pans to casserole dishes. Using cast iron cookware is a little different from say using non-stick products. One point I’d like to make is that cast iron doesn’t have any stigma attached to it with regard to health issues like non-stick cookware.

Denby Cast Iron Oval Casserole DishCast iron is user-friendly and practical and lots of people rave about it. It’s a fabulous heat conductor and it cooks and bakes evenly and consistently. It’s fairly inexpensive but a lot heavier than other kitchenware. Cast iron can go from the stovetop right into the oven without any hiccups making it a very versatile product.

The Denby casserole dishes are enameled both inside and out giving them an elegant and stunning appearance. They come in a few different colors and sizes to choose from and I got to try out one of them out.

My kitchen is decorated with strawberries so I usually try to get red kitchenware to match and Denby has some really gorgeous red cast iron products that blend in harmoniously with my existing kitchenware.

I’m a big fan of one-dish meals; less work and less mess. I was quite happy to test out an old favorite recipe with this new oval-shaped casserole dish. This casserole dish is quite large; it’s 11 inches in diameter so I can create a huge meal knowing this dish has the capacity to handle the load. I love how evenly and beautifully cast iron cooks. You can take it straight from the oven and place it onto a hot pad or cutting board in the center of your table. Cast iron does take a lot longer to cool off so care needs to be taken when handling it, but that means the food will stay warmer. I’ve used this dish several times and all my meals turn out perfectly. They cook evenly, retain their moisture and taste incredibly flavorful.

The casserole dish cleaned up really nicely thanks to the very snazzy enamel finish it boasts, just warm soapy water and it looks just like new. I love this dish and use it a lot when I have oodles of family over. With the holiday season so near this dish will be in high demand. Check out all the cast iron products and perhaps you might see something Santa will bring you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.