Denby Kitchen Gadget Set

When I’m in my kitchen getting creative, I like to have all my ingredients and utensils I’ll be using handy. I have a huge disorganized drawer full of gadgets and silverware; a real hodgepodge of assorted utensils. Each piece has a purpose but most of the time I can’t find what I’m looking for because it’s totally chaotic. It’s hard for me to tap into my imagination when I have to focus on finding instead of creating.

Sometimes we overlook that the basic utensils are usually the most essential. Denby takes the lead in providing us with gorgeous tableware, glassware and cookware, which includes utensils. All their products emanate exceptionally high quality. They offer an abundance of dashing & elegant designs in trendy fashionable colors with purpose & functionality in mind at very affordable prices.

denby gadget set

I had the pleasure of using Denby’s Cherry Gadget Set. This set includes 1 Utensil Pot, 1 Wooden Turner, 1 Wooden Spoon, 1 Spoon Spatula, 1 Medium Spatula, 1 Wooden Tongs, and 1 Pastry Brush These are all basic utensils that I use every single day and it’s wonderful to have them all together.

First I absolutely love the deep rich colors of the utensil pot. The colors morph from the deepest red to a gorgeous bright candy apple red. My kitchen is decorated with a strawberry theme and this gadget set blends in harmoniously. The utensil pot is made from ceramic. It’s fairly heavy, solid, smooth and very well made. The inside has a creamy tan color and really compliments the delicious red.





All the utensils are made from beechwood and are a lot thicker and much better quality than any utensil I own. The surfaces of the utensils are really smooth with no snags or cracks. I have wooden utensils but they are lighter and parts of the wood have split or fractured. The spatulas and the base of each utensil are made with thick hardy silicone. At the end of each utensil, there is also a chainring so you can hang them if you desire.

I personally love them in the ceramic pot. They wash well and maintain their shape. I also noticed that they don’t stain like my other wooden utensils so they can stay on the counter looking sharp and clean. They come in three other colors, Azure, Black, and Blue. I can honestly say I use this gadget set every day. Often we will put this set in the middle of the table during a meal. The tongs are used for salad, the spoons for entree’s and the kids even came up with ideas to repurpose the pastry brush. It’s a beautiful functional set and my family and really love it.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.