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Did You Hear: The Face of Face Cleansing Has Changed!

Today, we’re here to challenge the ‘status quo’ – getting rid of dirt and excess oil means tight, taut feeling on the skin as a by-product!

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Well, what if we told you that face cleansing could be a grounding, uplifting experience rather than the usual lather-splash-swipe?!

Ayurveda has honed ‘oil cleansing‘ as a skin-cleaning method for holistic wellbeing for centuries, and Ajara carries on the legacy, taking inspiration to suit the various contemporary needs of your skin. 

Ajara has handcrafted a range of pristine cleansers with the perfect medley of mild exfoliating granules + creamy moisturization, in a base of nourishing essential oils.

Untouched by chemicals and artificial fragrances, these safe, sulfate-free, soap-free cleansers can get rid of the ‘nasties’ without disturbing your skin’s natural balance.

Ajara Coconut Rose Cleanser

Dry, mature skin deserves special time-tested care – especially during the colder months! This all-natural, one-of-a-kind ‘creamy cleanser’ has been handcrafted to gently, yet effectively cleanser your skin without stripping your natural oils.

Ajara Cedarwood Rose Calming Cleanser

A modern day’s take on Ayurveda’s century-old secret, this blend will effectively clean the most tempermental and sensitive of skin by removing dirt, debris, pollutants and light make up without stripping your natural oils.

Ajara Rosemary Mint Cleanser

A 100% natural, non-irritating, gentlest of cleansers to help you indulge your oily skin with super-cleansing, immensely refreshing, glow-reviving skincare staple.

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