Dinosaurs Galore Storybooks

There is something about dinosaurs that mesmerizes little kids. I think almost every home has a child that went through an intense dinosaur obsession – fascination or phase where they eat, sleep and breathe nothing but these prehistoric beasts. In truth, they’re massive, scary, strong and some of them are dangerous predators that would eat you in a heartbeat. But, kids see these extinct creatures a lot differently. Visually experiencing the magnitude of their size is captivating and hypnotizing and kids just want to learn more about them.

Books are a great way to introduce children to unlimited fields. They’re also great teachers and can help kids delve into subjects they resonate with, like dinosaurs. Here are some great dinosaur books that preschoolers will find compelling.

Dinosaur ABC

Dinosaur ABC is a colorful, high gloss board book that literally shares different dinosaurs that cover every letter of the alphabet. My family and I were amazed because we had no idea there were so many varieties of dinosaurs. Many of them we’ve never heard of before, such as the Kentrosaurus and Ultrasauros, so it was very educational even for older kids and adults.

Children will enjoy meeting 26 dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts from Allosaurus to Zephyrosaurus. Each alphabet letter will share a lifelike image of the dinosaur, a brief description that a child can grasp and a pronunciation guide that will help them sound out the names. They also show the size of the dinosaur compared to an adult man. This is a great book for that dinosaur enthusiast. Recommended for ages 2 – 5.

Dinosaur Galore

Dinosaur Galore is a picture changing book that teaches preschoolers all about opposites using cute brightly colored cartoon dinosaurs. Kids will be enamored with the different transformations each dinosaur makes through clear plastic windows and the arrow pull tab at the bottom of every page. When they pull the tab, they’ll see a dinosaur change from friendly to scary, to different colors, from soft to scaly and from spots to stripes.

Each page also asks a question for children to ponder, like ‘If you could choose a dinosaur, would it be friendly or scary?’ They can view the friendly dinosaur and then pull the tab to see the scary dinosaur. This step helps improve eye-hand coordination and encourages children to make personal choice decisions. Recommended for ages 0 – 3 years.

T.Rex Time Machine

T.Rex Time Machine is about two hungry dinosaurs that hop into a time machine that takes them to the year 2018. I bet you’re wondering how this could happen. Well, an astronaut traveled back in time to the prehistoric age and landed close to these dinosaurs. When the space traveler came out of his spaceship, the dinosaurs wanted to eat him and he ran away. So, of course, curiosity and an open door tempted the dinosaurs to enter the egg-shaped ship. Next thing you know, they are traveling from their prehistoric world to a world of fast foods and modern technology.

Everywhere they looked they found different foods, pizza, tacos, burgers, cakes, subs, and donuts. They were very happy that they didn’t have to go far to get food. They were also captivated by the sun box (microwave). But, they’re sheer size and outrageous appetite attracted the attention of the police. Scared, they wanted to go back home where they felt comfortable. Did they make it? This is a super cute book with a captivating story. The only thing that is left unanswered is what happened to the astronaut. The kids were upset that he didn’t get to go back home.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.