Disney Frozen 2 Fashion Dolls

The Disney film Frozen was one of the most enchanting and highest rating movies ever created. The captivating storyline and charming characters are what keep kids coming back for more. In a frozen land full of sparkles and snowflakes, the stars of this flick are the lovely sisters Anna and Elsa.

These characters are great role models for young children today because they have the utmost pleasing personalities with traits such as being kind, warm, loving, witty, funny, honesty, integrity, compassion and reason. Plus, they have beautiful singing voices and long flowing hair. And a biggy, they are both princesses and there is a strong family dynamics that even parents will appreciate! Of course, kids want to emulate them so Hasbro just created the new Elsa and Anna dolls from the new Frozen 2 movie.

Frozen 2 Elsa and Anna Fashion Dolls

Disney Frozen 2 Fashion Dolls

The new Disney Frozen II Dolls feature Elsa and Anna in an updated wardrobe. If you watched the movie, then you know of the roll changes each of them made. Elsa hands over her throne to Anna and her boyfriend Kristoff and sets off on a journey to discover where she got her powers. It’s only fitting then that these princesses get a revised look that befits their new role.

Both dolls are 12″ tall and their new outfits are regal. Their arms, legs, and head articulate enough for children’s role play. The outfits are free-flowing, boots high-fashion, but none of them are removable.

Elsa still features her iconic thick blonde braid and her makeup is impeccable. She dons a long sleeve frosty silver-blue ombre, midi-length dress that compliments her skin tone. It features a decorative print and the colors darken as they reach the bottom of her dress. She has a harmoniously colored sash around her waist and her silky lightweight cape matches the ombre of her dress. Her look is finished with some white boots that have a jack-frost-like design that matches the print on the base of her dress.

Frozen Elsa and Anna

Anna’s hair is a beautiful auburn color, with a twisted braid on each side that is pinned at the back. Her stunning outfit has more of a Noric look, which is not surprising. It consists of a pretty black dress and colorful cape, with her dress hanging a few inches below her knee. The dress has a leather-look brown sash and trims around the sleeves and edge of the dress. There is also a brown emblem embossed on the chest and bottom of her dress. Her cape features bold fuschia and purple colors and hangs just above her dress line. Anna’s look is finished with high black boots that have a pattern embossed on the foot and leg. Both dolls are ready for their next epic adventure in Frozen!

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