Disney Frozen Musical Elsa & Plus Baby Alive Dolls

Walk down any toy aisle and you’ll find a wide selection of dolls. Some are still, while others have an array of features — they cry, they giggle, they talk, they walk, they crawl, they eat, they pee and poop, and some can sing. Little girls love dolls; they’re enamored with them. Look in their toy area and you’ll find dozens of dolls in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. A lot of dolls are created after movie characters so kids develop a bond and emotional attachment to them. They love the character so they adore the doll. Disney dolls are some of the most coveted toys on the market and the Musical Elsa doll is one of them.

Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Musical Elsa

The Musical Elsa doll was inspired by Disney Frozen’s Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. She’s eleven-inch tall, beautiful and talented! Press Elsa’s tummy and she will serenade you with the new song “When We’re Together.” Elsa sings about the joy of celebrating the holiday season together. The doll arrives in ‘try me mode’, so you’ll have to access the switch on the back and turn it to ‘on’ before playing — 3 alkaline batteries are included. Now your little princess or prince can sing right along with Elsa.

Elsa’s hair is styled in her signature thick blond braid. She’s adorned with the glitter and sparkle of crisp fresh snowflakes. Her shimmery ombre silvery-blue gown is embellished with a soft white faux fur collar and a frost pattern along the bottom. Her cape is a frosty sheer blue that’s decorated with glittery patterns and snowflakes. Her matching shoes complete the ensemble.

Elsa is poseable, her head, arms, and legs all move so kids can reenact scenes from the short film or create their own magical moments. Recommended for ages 3+ and retails for $29.99.

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby


Little kids love to nurture and the Baby Alive dolls allow kids to take care of their own baby. These interactive dolls come in three different skin tones and a variety of versions. From potty training to changing diapers to getting ready for school to learning to crawl to taking care of baby when they don’t feel good, kids can experience what it’s like to take care of an infant.

The Baby Alive Sweet Tears Doll version is not feeling very well, so she needs a checkup along with lots of love, affection, comforting, and nurturing. She has pretty blond hair with a braid along the front and she comes with a cute little floral outfit, stethoscope, thermometer, bandage, tissue, juice box, brush, and instructions. The tissue is pink, soft, and has little white hearts all over it, and the thermometer features a happy and sad face depending on the baby’s mood of course. Her mouth also moves according to how she feels.

On the doll’s back you’ll the “off, try me, Daddy and Mommy” buttons, so ideally you’d choose either the Mommy or Daddy option. The front of the doll has a press button over her heart which allows the dolls to say 35 plus phrases and sounds in English or Spanish. Some of the phrases are ” I love you, I don’t feel good, and I need a checkup.” Some of the sounds include coughing, sneezing, and giggling.

Give baby something to drink and when she cries, you’ll see real tears roll down her cheeks. Attached the stethoscope and pretend you can hear her heartbeat. Her nose will light up and when she wants to blow her nose and there is a pretty bandage for any boo-boos. Recommended for ages 3 and up and retails for $49.99.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.