Disney Princess Ariel

Last month I introduced you to Rapunzel, the first princess from the new Disney Princess Line of dolls and toys. There are eleven princesses in this collection, and each one has her own personality, strengths, and goals. Young girls today acknowledge and resonate with these positive attributes and are empowered to emulate and expand on them. The second Disney Princess from this magical girly group is Ariel. We were first introduced to Ariel decades ago in the animated film The Little Mermaid! She has since grown in popularity and has an abundance of beloved qualities that kids are attracted to; she’s curious, independent, free-spirited, and adventurous.

Ariel’s story! She feels restricted by life under the sea and has a deep desire to be part of the human world above sea level. Despite her father’s objections, Ariel is determined to follow her own dreams – not someone else’s – and she courageously risks everything to make her dream come true. Kids can relate to Ariel’s positive message and self-confident attitude. They’re encouraged to tap into their dreams and not be swayed by peer pressure to be someone they are not.

In the real world, a princess is someone who inspires a new generation of girls to have the courage to believe in themselves, follow their own passions and aspirations, and make them real. To that end, Ariel is a great role model, and Hasbro’s has created adorable dolls and toys fashioned after her. Check them out below. The new Ariel Royal Shimmer doll is stunning and will have all the little girls excited to play with her, and the new toys are perfect for bathtub and poolside fun.

Ariel Royal Shimmer Fashion Doll Ariel is wearing her classic outfit with new splashes of color. The new Royal Shimmer Ariel shimmers in her signature sea green and jewel-ombre gown with aquatic life and lots of sparkles. Ariel has a lovely countenance, is 12 inches tall, and has long, rich, auburn hair that’s super soft with a few flowing curls. Her head, arms, and legs move and she comes with a pair of removable translucent green glass slippers as well. Now your little princess can pretend-play lots of exciting adventures with Ariel! Retails for around $18.00.

Disney Princess Spin & Swim Ariel The Ariel Spin and Swim is an action toy that moves and floats through the water. This playset comes with Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, and attachable blue sea floral extensions, plus a flexible mermaid tail. First, you will need to attach the two sea floral extensions to Ariel’s blue belt, and then you can attach Sebastian and Flounder on each extension end. Hasbro Princess Ariel spin and swim To activate, you will first need to push the level up on Ariel’s back, lift her arms up, turn the starfish dial, put her in water, and then watch her and her friends spin. Ariel and her friends will spin super fast for a few seconds, and then they’re ready to go again. Just a point to make; to be effective, there has to be enough water for Ariel to perform. Kids will have waves of fun winding up Ariel and watching her whirl in the tub! For ages 3+. Retails for $29.99

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Ariel’s Sea Castle Ariel’s Sea Castle has everything you need for your underwater adventures. This set comes with a 3 inch Ariel doll, skirt, bodice, peplum, playset (unassembled), 5 Snap-ins, 3 accessories, and instructions. It comes with a swing, water slide, a cute little bathtub, a back scrubber, and her dearest Sebastian. The pink octopus holds up the swing and pouring water down the slide will make the flower wheel turn. It’s fun in the tub or on any solid surface; just protect your floors if you’re playing with water. Ideal for ages 3+ and retails for $29.99 Children are influenced positively by the engaging stories and happy ending each princess shares. Now they can use the Disney Princess collection to ignite their young imaginations and create their own magical underwater realm where they set the story and make the rules. It’s so natural!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.