Disney Princess Belle Doll

Never judge a book by its cover! Wise words, but what do they mean? They mean we shouldn’t judge someone from their outward appearance. Today, living in a relatively superficial society, it’s very easy to snub our nose and look only at the surface of people, things, or even ideas without taking the time and effort to delve deeper into them.

Not prejudging is something we need to live by and teach our children. It’s a worthy attribute to have, and it happens to be instilled in one of my favorite Disney Princesses, Belle. Belle Gold is the beloved princess in Beauty and the Beast. She looked past exterior appearances and fell in love with a kindhearted beast. It takes love, compassion, and kindness to follow in her footsteps.

Many of our youths long for the same adventure, and now they can follow Belle’s footsteps and create their own story. Disney has created several Princess Belle dolls and playsets so your little princess can make her pretend kingdom come to life.


The Disney Royal Shimmer Belle Doll is a 12″ doll that features her signature gold and pink dress with lots of shimmery and glittery sparkles. The bottom of her dress has beautiful roses with an ombre effect. This royal gown has a lovely gold print bodice and a coordinating delicate golden shawl draped around Belle’s shoulders which is secured together with a pink rose. The outfit is complete with sparkly gold shoes.


Belle Long Locks DollBelle Long Locks Doll in box

The Disney Princess Belle’s Long Locks Doll is also 12 inches tall and features a different stunning gold dress fit for royalty. The dress has tiny embroidered silk roses with a shimmery gold peplum and shoulder straps. Belle comes with a royal golden tiara, a brush/mirror combo, a hair clip, a hair extension, and lovely gold shoes with a rose on the front. Belle’s hair is super long that’s ready for your little stylist to practice different hairstyles.


Belle’s Enchanted Dining Room playset comes in the shape of a cute and colorful little teapot. It comes with a three-inch Belle doll that dons a charming golden dress in which you can attach some accessories. Belle can sit, stand, and entertain her friend’s Chip, and Lumiere. The inside of the teapot has lovely translucent pink curtains and a golden chandelier in the seating area.

The outside of the teapot has a lovely purple handle that’s decorated with red roses. The spout is in the shape of a heart and it has a little purple button that when pressed, releases a trap door. Accessories included are a royal chair, an elegant table with pink roses, some dainty desserts, a royal chalice, and three mix and match snap-ins including Mrs. Pots. It’s perfect for tea time with friends.

Children are influenced positively by the engaging stories and happy ending each princess shares. Now they can use the Disney Princess collection to ignite their young imaginations and create their own magical realm where they set the story and make the rules. It’s so natural!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.