Disney Princess Elena Doll

Raising children with redeeming qualities starts with a lot of things. Children mimic our conduct at home, and they’re influenced by the friends they keep, the books they read, and the movies they watch. It’s Disney goal to have a positive influence on our youths, which is why they’ve created princesses with stellar qualities, pleasing attributes, delightful character traits, and rosy personalities. Disney keeps it real though; the princesses still have life challenges they must face, but it’s how they handle these situations that make them admirable.

Over the past few months, I’ve been featuring the new Disney Princess Line of dolls and toys. Each month or so the spotlight is on one of Disney’s adorable princesses. This month is all about Princess Elena of Avalor.

Disney Princess Elena

Crown Princess Elena of Avalor weaves a magical tale of adventure as she embarks on a heroic journey to become a wise and noble queen. She is a strong leader whose independent and curious spirit shines in each adventure she goes on. No one said being in charge would be easy, but this princess-in-charge will do her best to rule with bravery, compassion, and grace. This is her time to discover the power within.

Princess Elena has saved her magical kingdom, Avalor, from an evil sorceress and must learn to rule as its crown princess. Not every child will have to deal with this extreme of a situation, but they may feel like they are battling the negative forces of the world. It’s up to us as a community, including the Disney family, to help youths develop the right attributes and ethics so they can handle whatever life throws at them. It’s our personal experiences that build and strengthen our character. We can develop good or bad personality traits, but like Elena, we can choose the noble path and do the right things for everyone involved.

Royal Gown Elena of Avalor Doll

Royal Gown Elena of Avalor Doll

The Disney Royal Crown Elena of Avalor doll is gorgeous. Elena of Avalor is dressed in splendor so she can look her best at the Royal Ball! This beautiful Disney doll comes wearing a vibrant ruffled red ball gown that’s detailed with delicate flowers and splashes of glittery sparkles. It has a matching sash that ties into a bow and the back. Her hair is long and silky, and she is sporting an elegant bouffant. Elena also comes with removable earrings, tiara, bracelet, and shoes. Retails for $29.99

Elena of Avalor Doll

Elena of Avalor Doll

The Elena of Avalor doll is simply elegant. This Elena doll comes with a ruling scepter that’s gold and has a blue jewel on top. She is donning a striking red dress with patterned ruffles down the front, around the edge, and around the neck. She had gold accessories; earrings, bracelet, belt, and shoes. She also has a floral hair clip attached to her luxuriously thick hair. Retails for $19.99

Both dolls have beautiful faces with big brown eyes, perfect eyebrows, and a friendly smile. Elena will encourage your little princess to immerse herself in her own fantasy world and dream up an enchanting story where she can rule with grace and kindness. Children are influenced positively by the engaging stories and happy ending each princess shares, and now they can control the outcome. It’s so natural!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.