Disney Princess Jasmine Doll

Back in the day, women were shy, submissive, and did not stand up for themselves. This has changed significantly in the 21 century, and it’s reinforced in the workplace, in schools, and through magazine articles, television shows, and even in toys. Disney Princess Dolls are classic examples of young women having the power to be different and to stick to their beliefs.

I’ve been proudly featuring a line of Disney Princess Dolls for several months now. Each princess has a list of positive qualities and attributes that young girls are exposed to and will naturally emulate. This month’s star is Princess Jasmine!

Jasmine is an adventurous, courageous beauty, Jasmine wants to marry for love and to experience life outside the palace. Her rich and spoiled suitors bore her. As a strong, independent young woman, she’s quite capable of taking matters into her own hands and rejecting suitors. Aladdin will need intelligence as great as Jasmine’s to win her heart.

Jasmine is an Arabian Princess from the movie Aladdin. Her father, the Sultan, wanted her to marry a prince, but she wanted to marry for love. Refusing to marry someone she didn’t love, she ran away and disguised herself as a peasant. She stole an apple in the market, but Aladdin stepped in to protect her from the guard. In the end, the Sultan told Jasmine that she could marry whomever she chose. Princess Jasmine chose to marry her one true love—Aladdin!

Princess Jasmine has a pleasing personality and I love the lessons she teaches all of us. Be your own person. Don’t be who everyone else wants you to be, be who you want to be. Don’t conform to someone else’s wishes or choices, stand up for what you want. Never give up hope, if it was meant to be, it will be! Armed with this kind of mentality, our young girls will grow up strong, determined and in control of your future. Thank you, Princess Jasmine, for being an awesome role model. Hasbro also admires Princess Jasmine, so they created some adorable toys fashioned about this beauty, check them out below.

Princess Jasmine is a beautiful 10 ½ inch doll with elegant features. She’s wearing her signature look, but without showing her midriff. She comes with removable genie shoes, hoop earrings, a necklace and a tiara. She’s donning a colorful and glittery blue ombre one-piece jumpsuit with harem style pants that transitions from darker to lighter colors. She has really long thick black hair that’s pulled back but can be fashioned into any style. Her head moves sidewise and up and down. Her arms and legs move, but do not bend at the knees, elbows or wrists. Your little dreamer will love playing out magical moments and imagining her own fairy tale with Jasmine.

The Golden Vanity Set from Disney Princess Little Kindom has every Jasmine needs to get ready for the day. The case has a cloudy appearance and comes with a cute bow handle. Opening the case, it provides the perfect background for playtime imagination.

The kit includes a purple and gold vanity with a mirror, a stool, an adorable white bird with its perch, and Abu. Of course, the star of the kit is a 3 inch Jasmine doll. She has a long thick ponytail, harem pants, a pretty top, a tiara, earrings, and 2 snap-on pieces. Clothing and snap-on accessories are interchangeable with other Little Kingdom dolls.

The Royal Dreams Castle is perfect for your little princess to play out her imaginary fairy tale kingdom. It stands just over 3 feet tall and features four different elegantly furnished rooms for each of the four princesses. The castle comes with nineteen accessories – a bathtub, bed, bed canopy ring, soft canopy curtain, 5 kitchen utensils, kettle, pot, cup, stove, seat, Snow White’s pie, a plate with pie, shampoo bottle, soap, chandelier, and a clock. Please note that the dolls do not come with the castle; they’re sold separately.

The front of the Royal Dreams Castle has stunning curb appeal. There are double golden doors that allow entrance into your magical palace. There are a couple of turrets, one has Rapunzel’s hair spiraling down, a golden balcony, and a clock tower ready to strike at midnight.

Inside the castle, you’ve got the Snow White kitchen, Ariel in her bathroom, Sleeping Beauties bedroom, and Belle’s parlor. The middle of the castle functions as a ballroom area. Each room is decorated appropriately with the right decor and accessories. The dolls can ride the manually operated magic carpet up to the top floor and vice versa. There’s also space in the castle for kids to add their own special decorating touches. The kids can play for hours and hours with their dolls inside this entrancing castle where dreams do come true.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.