Disney Tangled Swinging Locks Castle Playset

Little girls have long been enamored and enchanted with the beauty and grace of all the Disney Princesses. Their personalities and behaviors have influenced young kids for decades. Rapunzel is one of those princesses. Her long flowing magical hair, tomboy charisma and her warm innocence make her attractive and endearing. She has a certain finesse that kids want to emulate and imitate, and now they can with a wonderful selection of Hasbro toys.

Disney Tangled Swinging Locks Castle

Hasbro has created the Disney Tangled Swinging Locks Castle where modern day little princesses can create their own Rapunzel scenes. The playset comes with a Rapunzel doll, outfit, Pascal, 8 accessories (a bed, hairbrush, easel, paintbrush, paint palette, lantern, and hair clips), sticker label sheet, and instructions. Let’s play!

The playset will have to be assembled before use, but it’s fairly simple. The pieces snap together and the instructions are clear and helpful. The playset offers indoor and outdoor play where adventures are waiting to happen. The outside of the castles has a hair inspired zipline where Rapunzel can swing in royal style down from the top of the castle to her bedroom. There is an elevator on the side where Pascal can ride up to his bedroom. The sundial on top of the castle spins so the lanterns inside twirl.

The inside of the castle features a royal pink bedroom filled with Rapunzels treasures. Her tall bookshelves are little messy with books, trinkets, and what-me-nots. Her room is furnished with a pretty pink and purple bed and on top of her bookshelf is a cozy nook for Pascal. She comes with a briefcase that may hide her diary where she pens her aspirations. There’s also plenty of space in her room for her easel so she can paint the countryside or a picture of Maximus. Rapunzel comes with a beautiful purple dress and her own hairbrush so kids can brush the knots out of her beautiful long hair and style it with braids. Recommended for ages 3+ and retails for $49.99.

My Little Pony the Movie Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle

The My Little Pony Canterlot & Sequestria Castle playset is based on the My Little Pony the Movie. It stands just over 60 cm tall and offers kids the thrill of playing in two different worlds. You’ll be introduced to some new characters, Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish, who live in the magical underwater kingdom called Sequestria. Includes an unassembled playset, bubble tower, seapony figure, pufferfish figure, 32 accessories, and instructions. 3 AAA batteries are required, but not included.

The top level of the Canterlot & Seaquestria Playset features the classic world of Canterlot and the bottom level is devoted to Seaquestria. The upper level has a few sublevels as well for the ponies to hang out and relax. They can have lunch, afternoon tea, brush their manes or just lounge around. There are holes at the bottom of the pony’s hooves that fit on the notches on various features like the spinning gazebo. There’s also cool balconies and cozy corners for the ponies to get on with their day.

The ponies can visit the lower level Seaquestria by taking the bubble elevator down a waterfall to this underwater wonder and hang out with Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish. The pretty pink background with coral and ferns and several accessories give the lower level an underwater ambience. Seaponies, orcaponies and mermare can ride Jamal the octopus and enjoy the carousel experience. Or they can take the waveboard to catch a wave or two. There’s a cool waterslide, a jellyfish chandelier that exposes a secret place when you pull down on it and a treasure chest to stow away aquatic valuables. Three bubble pods are available when it’s time to get some shut-eye.

The Light Up Tower has colorful pods that light up and can accommodate a Seaquestria resident. There are lots of accessories that kids can interact and engage with. It’s endless fun! Recommended for kids 3+ and retails for $119.99.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.