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Does Your Skin Look ‘Crepey’?

What does the word ‘crepe’ bring to your mind?

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Those sweet thin pancakes filled with whipped cream and strawberries? Or those colorful party streamers that remind you of the happiest of times? If yes, you might be among the few lucky ones….

or was it recent snapshots of your skin, on your forearm or near your eyes? 

They call it ‘crepey’ skin, that which looks saggy with criss-cross patterns on it!

But did you know that ‘crepey’ skin isn’t necessarily linked to old age but to a plethora of different reasons that you can, actually, take action against to not get that annoying ‘pinch-and-gather’ texture on your skin?

Because, according to Ayurveda, the look of crepey skin is not simply a domino effect of aging, but is actually linked to our doshas, an imbalance in which shows up on our skin as ‘crepey-ness!

So, this week, our Ayurvedic practitioners have gone a step further to curate what Ayurveda thinks of ‘crepey’ skin, including: 

  • The factors that cause ‘crepey-ness’ (aging is just one fact
  • Full recipes of simple and delicious Ayurvedic foods to avoid tissue paper skin  
  • Natural DIY skincare tips that will help fade away the look of ‘crepeyness’, and 
  • A step-by-step video-guided Ayurvedic massage technique to enjoy smooth skin!  

While chemical treatments like face peels, botox and fillers might give you temporary support and help your skin look better, these are neither sustainable nor healthy for your skin or your body in the long run. Is there a viable solution? Yes!

Non-invasive, natural and authentically Ayurvedic Massage Tool

Kansa Wand

What does the Kansa Wand really do for crepey skin?

  • Helps move lymph and improve circulation so your skin is better cleansed and nourished
  • Tightens your skin and makes it look toned and firmed for young and more mature people alike
  • Works with the marmas so it helps with reducing crepiness, puffiness, fine lines and redness and around the eyes by moving extra Pitta out of the body
  • Helps with dealing with congestion in the skin
  • Gently mobalizes toxins, calms inflammation, redness and heat, normalizes skin tones and helps the skin to become fresh and clear

The Kansa Wand is an indispensable tool for every Ayurvedic skincare user, especially for crepey skin! Use at night before going to bed or just once a week on a relaxing Sunday!

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