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Our world has become so hi-tech, that one touch will get you just about anything. With the idea of simplifying our lives, it’s ironically complicated. Living amidst the chaos of prefab, GMO, processed and Frankenfoods, EMF poisoning, and environmental pollutions, our cells are being surrounded, suffocated, and held hostage from all that is healing. These negative conditions affect our mind, body, and spirit as a whole. If one is off balance, the other’s will have the burden of trying to mend this weakness, and this can lead to innumerable health consequences.

Thankfully we can always rely on Mother Nature to set things right with wholesome foods and essential oils. I recently discovered a whole new world of healing through dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Essential oils are super concentrated and made from raw plant material, including their bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and peel. They have long been recognized and used for their therapeutic and healing properties worldwide. They can be used internally, topically, inhaled, and diffused, just make sure you read their directions first.

doterra fp kit

Jodi sent me the dōTERRA Family Physician Kit, deemed Nature’s Medicine Cabinet. The kit consists of 10 essentials oil that covers our basic needs. dōTERRA essential oils are not your average oils; they are 100% pure with no artificial fillers or toxic contaminants. They are cross-tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to guarantee extract purity and composition potency of each batch. With this guarantee, you can feel confident using them on yourself and your loved ones. *One should note that there are a lot of essential oils on the market made from inferior grade plants or synthetic chemicals, they may smell divine but can cause you harm. Caution should be taken, and only the purest essential oils like dōTERRA should be used.

Each essential oil arrived in a 5 mL dropper bottle, and they were accompanied by a dōTERRA ‘how to’ audio. Each oil can be used individually or combined to create a unique recipe for what ails you. I found the dōTERRA’s website very informative. When you click on each essential oil, you’ll get a product description, directions, uses, and cautions.

doterra 10pk

For a quick reference, you only need to check out the lid of the Family Physician Kit. You’ll notice there are little symbols below each oil. It’s very important that we understand these symbols so we can use the essential oils optimally and productively. Some oils can be taken internally while others cannot. There are also some oils that may need to be diluted for sensitive or young users.

You’ll notice there are several methods of application. For quick absorption, it’s recommended you massage the oils into certain areas on the soles of your feet. The soles of our feet are less sensitive so they can tolerate a stronger essential oil, so no need for dilution. Below is a chart that shows what areas on your soles are connected to specific organs or body parts. But, you can also apply the oils anywhere on your body, behind the ears, wrists, temples, crown, neck, you get the idea.

Through the weeks of using dōTERRA essential oils, I’ve gleaned a lot of insight into their uses, potency, and performance. They can easily calm a headache and stomach ache, but they can also quiet a troubled mood. It is said that Stress is the number one proxy killer. Learning to calm and relax the spirit is vital if we wish to avoid its unpredictable consequences, and it’s no surprise that the essential oils can help. Here are a few oils and their lovely qualities, you’ll be amazed as I was.


Lavender is one essential oil that has helped me. It’s known as the ‘Universal Oil.’ Aside from its heavenly floral scent, it’s been coveted for its relaxing, soothing and balancing effects on our mind and body. It’s immensely versatile and can be used for headaches, stress, pain relief, sleep aid, bug bites, minor burns, cuts, nausea or motion sickness, nosebleeds, chapped skin and lips, cold sores and even dandruff. It can be taken internally or used topically.


When one hears the name Frankincense, our thoughts might wander to the Bible. Egyptians and Babylonians used this oil for ceremonies and as a perfume. Today, it’s another all-purpose oil. Frankincense can be used on the skin for cuts, rashes, burns, bruises, scrapes and it will stop wounds from bleeding. It’s also desired for its cell rejuvenation and scar repair abilities, just add a few drops to your facial cream. It can strengthen gum and hair roots. It also offers respiratory support; it’s great for calming asthma, bronchitis, and that nagging cough. If you have a thyroid issue, Frankincense can be combined with Myrrh, Clove, and Lemongrass to make a compound you rub right on your neck. You can also rub a few drops on the bottom of your feet to relax and balance moods, or if you’re sensitive add the drops to a carrier oil. This remarkable essential oil has too many attributes to name, so it’s a must for every home.

These aromatic and virtuous oils offer an insightful and natural way of repairing and healing our bodies. A new door has opened for me, and I’m so thrilled to learn more about them. My experience with dōTERRA essential oils has been slow but positive. I’m learning that some conditions will not heal overnight, but with consistent application of the oils, the better one feels. They are without question a much better and safer alternative to over-the-counter and prescription meds.

There are many other dōTERRA essential oils that are not included in this kit. They carry individual oils, oil blends, personal and wellness products and various kits. Swing by their site and check them out.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.

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