Dozop Compact, Portable, Tool-Less Dolly

Whether in the home, the garage, outside or in the office, there will always be back-breaking objects that need moving or maneuvering. Back and bicep power have their limits so having a handy, portable dolly for moving heavy and awkward boxes, furniture, or other logistics would be advantageous. There are lots of different dollys on the market, but most are heavy and take up space. The easy solution would be to find a dolly that is lightweight, portable, collapsible, and be able to bear a lot of weight. Enter the Dozop Dolly, the most innovative and practical multi-purpose dolly on the market.

Compact | Tool-Less | Lightweight

Dozop dolly assembled

The Dozop Dolly is unlike your regular warehouse dollies. It comes disassembled in a compact design where all the pieces are tucked inside. Included are 2 External struts, 2 Internal struts, 4 Joints, and 4 Castors. Plus, you don’t have to go scrounging for any tools, just press the pieces in place. You can assemble the Dozop quickly and easily by following the four simple steps outlined on its box. All the pieces snap together, so no screwdrivers are needed. When you’re finished, you can take it apart and return it to its compact form for easy storage.

The Dozop Dolly weighs a mere 6 lbs, but has the ability to tolerate up to 250 lbs of weight. Its high-quality castors allow us to move items across a variety of different surfaces. We tried the dolly across smooth and some textured and uneven surfaces. It glided well on all surfaces even grass. – the only exception we found was gravel. But then for those needs, you would use a larger utility dolly anyway.

I was happy with the Dozop’s performance. As fall is setting in, I’m cleaning my yard and was able to use the Dozop to move my larger planters. They easily weigh 30 lbs with dirt and it’s painful and laborious to move them. Because the center of the dolly is hollow, we had to put a plywood base on top. Then I could move my planters easily to my storage area. We also use it to move our heavy recycling bins as well. It’s saved us a lot of heavy work and we can’t imagine not having this convenient, multi-purpose, self-contained, portable dolly now.

I also love the idea that I can dismantle the dolly and store it without taking up too much space. It’s perfect for any home, especially apartments with a limited storage area. It’s small, portable and convenient so you can put it in your vehicle and take anywhere you need to move cumbersome items.

Dozop has developed an extensive line of tool-less products, accessories, items and wearable to compliment their different dollies – and to lighten our load so our everyday logistics are that much easier and efficient to deal with.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.