Dragon Magick, Rituals & Affirmations

Dragons have played a huge role in myths, legends and folklore for longer than we can imagine. These massive, scaly, fire-breathing beasts have been depicted, portrayed and symbolized in so many different ways reflective of the culture. To many, they represent power, strength, wisdom, protection and good fortune. And to others, they symbolize war, treachery, oppression and evil. They have also been the focal point in novels too numerous to name, in poems like Beowulf, in movies like Eragon, on TV shows like the Game of Thrones, in jewelry, clothing, and in metaphysical tools like the tarot.

The world loves dragons, but we may not realize that these beings are real and have ancient magickal properties that we can tap into to interact and communicate with them. While they are still dangerous, they are wise, benevolent and our allies. If you feel pulled to embark on a wheel walk or journey to connect with dragons, then you’ll love the Year of the Magickal Dragon.

Year of the Magickal Dragon

Year of the Magickal Dragon
  • Chapter 1: Working with Dragon Energy
  • Chapter 2: Samhain and Ancestor Dragons
  • Chapter 3: Winter Solstice and the Ice Dragons
  • Chapter 4: Imbolc and Hearth Dragons
  • Chapter 5: Vernal Equinox and the Walking Dragons
  • Chapter 6: Beltane and the Dragons of Making
  • Chapter 7: Litha and the Golden Dragons of Summer
  • Chapter 8: Lughnasadh and the Dragons of Victory
  • Chapter 9: Autumnal Equinox and the Harvest Dragons

The onset of this guide explains what a wheel walk is and the source of the rituals and meditations within the pages. A wheel walk is where a seeker – someone who is on a path of self-discovery – commits to a full year of focus on specific energy. In this case, it’s focusing on dragon energy. These powerful energies are in accord with the Pagan Wheel of the Year which includes eight sacred days or sabbats. You’ll also learn about dragon lore, sacred sites, and the different dragon archetypes.

As you embrace each chapter, you’ll learn about different dragons and their uniqueness. But, this requires a very specific practice that should not be approached lightly. These include invocations, sacred tools, sacred space, cleansing incense, consecration oil, and much more. If approached consciously, genuinely, and wisely, you may have the most profound experience. As you walk with the dragons throughout your journey, you’ll experience balance in your home, empower your spirit, barriers will open or fall away, welcome some innate abilities and develop lasting and loving relationships with them. It’s suggested you get a journal to memorialize your experiences along the way. After each meditation record any visions, words, phrases, or dreams you have.

Dragon Magick Affirmation Deck

Dragon Magick Affirmation Deck

The Dragon Magick Affirmation Deck is an enchanting little deck that comes in a pretty little chest-like keepsake box with a stunning image on the lid. Inside you’ll find 55 cards that deliver messages from the dragon realm. Affirmations are positive quotes that lift the spirit, shift our energies and inspire change in oneself.

Dragon Magick Affirmation Deck

The cards do not have any graphics, just a clear and upbeat message. I love the old-world feel to them with an aged-looking background and medieval font. The back of the cards is brown with a gold dragon in the center. They’re quite thick and sturdy, so they’ll endure lots of shuffling. Draw a card daily and sink into the message received. You’ll connect deeper with the dragons and their potent energies with influence your life for the better.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.