Dyson DC66 Vacuum Review #HolidayGiftGuide

Fall is that time of year when I’m cleaning up all the dust, dirt, and debris that was tracked into my home during the warmer months. In fact, it’s during the autumn that I do my major yearly clean. We usually have lots of family and friends over during the holidays, so I want my home festively fresh. But, I confess I procrastinate because it’s such a massive chore, or at least I thought so. Have you ever had a product come into your life and completely change your whole perspective on cleaning? Well, I have, it’s the Dyson DC66 vacuum, and its features blew me away.

dyson animal vac

The Dyson DC66 is a full-size animal upright vacuum that is recognized for its stellar attributes. Dyson has a worldwide reputation that cannot be matched by any other brand. I admit I’ve always coveted these vacuums and those who owned one. Now, I have the ultimate pleasure of owning and using my very own, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am. First, I wanted to know just what makes the Dyson vacuums so successful and desired. James Dyson has created several of his own technologies, and they’ve become the core, the backbone of these phenomenal vacuums.

dyson vacuum system

Many standard vacuums still employ the use of bags, which I understand can get clogged up pretty quickly from dust. This makes sense because when we change the bag, the vacuum seems to have more suction power all of a sudden. Dyson uses their Radical Root Cyclone technology. So instead of bags, they arranged the inner cyclones in a radial formation, where airflow can be channelled directly through the centre of the cyclone assembly once it has passed through both stages of cyclone separation. DC66 has Dyson’s most advanced Radial Root Cycloneâ„¢ technology. Dyson engineers have further refined the cyclone inlets and vortex fingers to generate more suction through the machine – to remove more dirt and dust from the home.

This powerful filter is completely washable and will last a lifetime. No more bags means more money in your pocket and less impact on our beautiful planet. It’s a true green product! It’s important to mention that all Dyson products have been certified Allergy and Asthma Friendly by the Asthma Association of Canada. Dyson has the largest range of allergy and asthma products on the market in Canada.

I have four pets, and they leave a trail of hair, debris, bugs, and other so not cool things in our home. I can only imagine what unhealthy things are floating in our air and penetrating our lungs. This totally inspired me to get into action, and my family actually commented on how fresh the house smelled after the Dyson and I did a Rambo cleaning.

dyson works on all floors

The Ball Technology is a mom’s dream, it allows for smooth maneuvering and swiveling into nearly any nook or corner, like the places you typically avoid because of its awkward space. It works beautifully, making cleanup fuss-free. Inside, the ball houses the core technology, including the motor and ducting. This is remarkable considering its relatively small size.

What I really love is the self-adjusting cleaner head. Most vacuums have a dial on the head which you have to adjust manually when cleaning different surfaces. With the Dyson, it automatically reconfigures the bristles to adjust to any floor surface while in motion and offers 25% more power, so you get a deeper clean. My other vacuum doesn’t work on lower areas like ceramic or tiles very well, forcing me to use another product to clean those surfaces. With the Dyson I placidly move from one surface to another without any action on my part, the vacuum does it all. This is so handy and time-saving. Another sleek attribute is how well it cleans along the edges; I always seem to have a thin strip of dust which no vacuum would pick up till now. Every floor surface in my home was cleaned equally as fantastic as my carpet; I’m so very impressed.

When I got the Dyson DC66, I first wanted to clean my carpet with the current vacuum I had at home. I really wanted to see if the Dyson could possibly remove any more dirt. With the old vacuum, I got a lot of pet hair and debris off the carpet, and I thought it did a great job. Then, I used the Dyson over the same area. Oh, my goodness, was I ever shocked. Below is what the Dyson pulled out of my carpet after my old vacuum.

The Dyson definitely dug much, much deeper into my carpets and pulled out hair and who knows what else, that’s probably been there for ages. My other vacuum seemed to remove some hair, but nothing like the Dyson, and never any dirt or dust like this. What’s even more credulous is that this was only my living room carpet. This implies that the rest of my house is equally as, well, dirty!! Have I been living in a barn for all these years? Yikes!

My ego was singed when I saw all this dirt; I always thought I had a clean home. It just made me more anxious to clean. To help out, the DC66 comes with six different attachments, all that you’ll need to keep your whole home spotless. I have been looking at fuzzy flyaways on my ceiling for years. It’s not that I haven’t tried to clean them, either the vacuum I had didn’t reach, or it couldn’t remove the fuzz because the suction was weak. The Dyson DC66 has a powerful suction and a long extending wand, 15.8 m, which allowed me to effortlessly remove all the dust from the ceilings, walls, up long stairways, and under beds. If you’ve never cleaned your ceilings before, I’d highly recommend it. I was again surprised by the handful, yes a handful of lint collected from just one of my ceilings. They also have an attachment for furniture which nuzzles deep and removes unbelievable dirt. The cord also is quite long, 10.7 m, so you can travel nicely from room to room.

dyson easy dirt disposal

I like seeing all the dirt collected in the canister; it’s a clear sign that my other vacuum was doing an inferior job. The canister has a 2-liter capacity and releases from the vacuum by pressing the red button. Once removed, you can empty it over a trash can by pressing the same red button; then you simply snap it back into place on the vacuum.

I cannot crow enough about the outstanding Dyson DC66, it’s made my life easier, my home so much cleaner, and it’s the best vacuum I’ve ever owned. It makes cleaning fun and enjoyable, and it’s a must-have if you’re a pet owner. It offers a high-performance cleaning luxury no other vacuum can match. I love my Dyson DC66, and my home is now ready for my holiday guests! It comes with a 5-year warranty that includes parts and labor. Available at all major retailers. ARV $699.99

If you’re in the market for, or if you’re looking to purchase a special gift for a loved one, this would be on the top of anyone’s list. Christmas is nearing and how awesome it would be to see a Dyson under the tree!!

Disclaimer: I received a Dyson DC66 for review only. The opinions and view expressed here are my own. Yours may be totally different.

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