E Squared and E Cubed #ManifestingMiracles

Quantum physics is the new hip physics and buzz phrase that lots of people are diving into and wanting to glean more than the basics. It’s been proven that observation can influence reality. Are you able to wrap your mind around that concept? It gets better. Our prayers, intentions, and thoughts can directly influence our physical material world. Many people are now becoming open-minded to the idea that we create our own reality. I think we all know this, but avoid or shun this truth, because it would mean owning what happens in our lives, and some of us would just love to blame someone or something for our woes.

There’s a plethora of books on the market that deal with quantum physics, the law of attraction, and other related esoteric books. But, if you’re looking for a hands-on, do it yourself, or prove it to yourself book, then one author comes to mind, Pam Grout. Pam is a fabulous writer who simplifies ‘reality’ and shares how we can manipulate it to suit our needs, wants, and desires.

E2 manifest your reality

E2 or E Squared deals with spiritual fundamentals. Now, this may sound boring, but I assure you, this book is so well written and a lot of fun to read, that you’ll be mesmerized. Pam gently explains and guides us through the realm of quantum physics while allowing us to grasp some perhaps far-out ideas or new to us concepts. This small book is loaded with lessons that will prove our thoughts absolutely interact with the world around us, thus creating our reality.

There are nine different lessons that we do one at a time which requires no money, very little time, and a suspension of our current beliefs to demonstrate the spiritual principles presented. Each exercise you perform will take about 48 hrs, and I set aside the weekends to do them. After you test drive a lesson or two and see some results, you’ll understand and feel just how easy it is to change our world. It’s about retraining your mind to stop thinking about scarcity and instead focus on attracting what we want.

e3 magic and miracles

Once you’ve mastered this book, Pam has created a follow-up book, E3 or E Cubed, that will show you how to create magic and miracles on a full-time basis. In my humble opinion, this book is life-changing. If you go through experiments with total belief and unbiased, you’ll be amazed, inspired, and filled with a knowing that you have complete control of your life, your story, your outcome.