Earth Angel Realms

Angles! How do we envision them? As children, we were taught that they live in Heaven, wear white garbs, have flowing golden hair, and help people in distress. Knowledge of Angels has expanded far beyond what the average person realizes, including me. My newest book Earth Angel Realms explores different realms of spirit beings from Earth Angels to Merpeople. It’s an updated version that the author felt compelled to release as new realms and information have revealed themselves.

Are you an Earth Angel? Do you feel different from other people, like you don’t really belong anywhere on Earth? Maybe you’re an Earth Angel, just didn’t know what to call this experience.

Earth Angel Realms
Each of us has a spark of divine light that guided us to our current life, where we have a purpose for being here and specific lessons to learn. Earth Angels, or Lightworkers, or Star Seeds have a global mission as well, they have a deep desire to provide a service to the world. This may resonate with you,┬ábut if not, the book goes on to share all the existing and newly discovered realms. In part one, you’ll learn about Incarnated Angels, Incarnated Elementals, Starpeople, and The Wise Ones. Part two goes deep into Blended Realms & Hybrids and highlights spirit beings belonging to two realms. The book shares details about their patterns with respect to their personality, relationships, physical characteristics, and lifestyle. Each has their own qualities and attributes and as you read them, you’ll feel whether you have a connection to them or not.

If you’re interested in angels and spirit beings, then this book is a fabulous reference, it’s so informative and enlightening. I never knew there were so many different realms and beings. It’s full of descriptions and explanations that might echo true for you and make you feel like you’ve finally reached an understanding about your life. This book will definitely help you discover your realm, learn your purpose, and how to enjoy your uniqueness.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.