Eating For Beauty – Detox, Recipes & More

When we think of beauty, most of us envision cosmetics, facials, dermatology treatments, or maybe even plastic surgery. The media makes us believe that in order to achieve beauty, we have to venture outside ourselves and that it’s not within our power to attain without someone else’s help. Wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne, dryness, and sagging skin are legit concerns, and no doubt they will be an ongoing challenge. But, is there something we can do to slow down aging and improve our skin’s health that will have a profound effect on our appearance! Yes, there is, it’s our diet. Knowing which foods will enhance our beauty and help reduce the aging process naturally is what Eating For Beauty is all about.

Eating For Beauty

Our skin is one of the first things people notice about us. If our diet is poor or devoid of nutrition, it’s going to be blatantly evident. Fast foods, high sugar foods, fatty foods, processed foods and junk foods are the norm in our fast-paced society, but they are the very culprits that are making your skin look like a corrugated raisin. While most of us are aware of this, many don’t really know which foods will bless us with healthy glowing skin.

Eating For Beauty shares not only which foods to eat, but how to clean and detox our skin to flush out accumulated toxins. The beginning of the book dives right into a detox program. It explains why we need to detox and the symptoms you may experience, how to detox, and which foods to include and exclude. It’s followed by a detailed two-week detox planner that will set you up for success. It’s all laid out for you, just follow along. Within this book is over 100 nourishing recipes, each packed full of antioxidants to deliver a powerful beauty punch.

The book continues with chapters devoted to specific areas of the body. Chapter One covers Foods for the Face and targets combination skin, different complexions, mature skin, premature aging, neck and décolletage, fine lines, and more. The example below on Fine Lines shares what causes fine lines and the foods that will super hydrate our skin. Each chapter also has a meal planner that recommends healthy foods and supplements to address the issues discussed. There is also a special Quick Fix remedy that you can implement immediately.


The Second Chapter covers Foods for the Body and addresses cellulite, water retention, stretch marks, skin bumps, eczema, bruises, sun damage, and more. The Third Chapter gets into Foods for the Hair. This is a big one for me, my hair has lost its luster and fullness. Conditions covered are hair loss and thinning, fragile hair, dry hair and scalp, greasy hair, dull lifeless hair, dandruff, and conditioning.

The Fourth Chapter deals with Foods for the Hands and Feet. Suffering from hobbit feet and long for your youthful twinkle toes? This section will have you dancing for joy. It talks about age spots, hard and rough skin, perspiring feet, and nail strengthening. Chapter Five focuses on Foods for the Mouth and covers discolored teeth, weakened teeth, coated tongue, and a meal planner for healthy teeth and gums.

The last section features Recipes for the Whole Day and offers recipes for each meal of the day, plus snacks, light bites, sweet treats, and drinks. At the top of each recipe, you’ll find a group of symbols — each represents a beneficial feature, like Anti-Aging, Skin Smoothing, Skin Balancing, Healthy Teeth & Gums, Hair Conditioning, Nail Strengthening, Skin Firming, and a few more.

Aging is inevitable, but if we follow the guidelines presented in this book, we can delay the process and improve our skin health one meal at a time.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.