Eaurganic Personal Care

It’s the holiday season and we have oodles of parties and get-togethers booked and organized. Our wardrobe is being planned and we are going to don the finest bling. I like to put just as much effort and attention to detail with my hair and it all starts with quality products.

Eaurganic is a company dedicated to providing us with Canada’s first line of Certified Organic hair, bath, and skincare products. All of their products contain at least 95% organic ingredients. I personally love this company because they carry organic vegan-friendly products and I got to try a few of them out.

The Real Volume Shampoo is designed to restore, revive, nourish and volumize dull and damaged hair. This shampoo does not suds up or foam-like store shelf products because they do not contain the harmful and toxic ingredients which create the suds. It’s loaded with nutrient-rich plant and essential oils that promote healthy hair growth. I love the scent, its fragrance of rosemary and chamomile is very pleasant to the senses. I could feel a nice tingly sensation as I shampooed my hair and scalp. It’s recommended that you shampoo your hair twice. The first wash removes all the oil buildup and dead skin cells; the second wash will give your hair and scalp that squeaky clean feeling. Other products have left my hair feeling heavy or gummy and my scalp itchy and dry, but Eaurganic’s left my hair feeling soft, clean and moisturized with increased volume. It’s so gentle you could use it on a baby or infant.

Real Volume Conditioner contains vegetable proteins that effectively heal, repair and restructure hair follicles. It contains restorative ingredients like organic tea tree oil, organic glycerin and an abundance of extracts and plant derivatives. I hardly had to use any of this product to feel and see its positive effects on my hair. My hair was so soft and super shiny. It felt so silky and was a lot more manageable. Combining both the shampoo and the conditioner really pumped up the volume, making my hair look thicker with plenty of bounce to spare. They are both fabulous products.


Eaurganic products are available online for both Canadians and US residents. Check out their other products; they carry a line just for babies.