Ecco Bella Organic Hair Care

Thinning hair, hair loss, and scalp issues can happen at any time, but especially as we age. This can have a profound and devastating effect on our self-esteem. Part of the problem is having an unhealthy scalp; itchy, flaky, dryness and even scalp acne are clear signs our scalp is in poor health.

Personally, my hair is not as lush as it used to be so, I was looking for some holistic approaches to improving my scalp and hair condition. I read some information about Neem oil and its amazing benefits for skin and hair. Neem oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is great for a dry, itchy scalp, scalp psoriasis, and dandruff. It also encourages hair growth and will give you healthy, silkier, and stronger hair. It’s also incredibly inexpensive. Green tea is another product that is great for hair and skin issues. It too inhibits the growth of bacteria and stimulates hair growth. In my search for a product that includes neem and green tea, I was led to one of my favorite companies, Ecco Bella.

Ecco Bella creates illustrious organic hair and skincare products that are vegan, gluten-free, and made from 100% organic ingredients. I delighted to find two awesome products that specifically include neem and green tea.

Ecco Bella Organic hair and scalp therapy shampoo

Natural and Organic Hair and Scalp Therapy Shampoo with Green Tea and Neem

This shampoo is revitalizing and refreshing. It’s quite mild with a lovely herbal scent that is exhilarating to the senses. It offers a nice rich lather that tingles and tickles your scalp. After only a few shampoos, I could feel and see the difference in my scalp skin. I have no flakes or itchiness and my scalp no longer feels tight, but nourished. My hair is soft and feels clean; there’s no film or gummy feeling afterward. I really enjoy using this product simply because it works.

Natural and Organic Hair and Scalp Therapy Conditioner with Green Tea and Neem

Natural and Organic Hair and Scalp Therapy Conditioner with Green Tea and Neem

This conditioner is super rich and creamy and feels soothing to the scalp. It’s bursting with copious herbs, extracts and proteins that are beneficial for optimal hair and scalp health. It also as a lovely herbal scent that makes you feel like you out with Mother Nature. You don’t need to much of this product to feel the results; my hair so soft and velvety. It’s very gentle and will not strip your hair of any natural oils or colors, if you dye your hair.

Using both products together will totally enhance, reinforce, nurture and strengthen your hair. They are definitely worth trying.
Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.