EcoJarz Sustainable

I totally love new gizmo’s and gadgets for the kitchen, especially if they can repurpose other products. I can remember as a kid drinking out of mason jars just because I liked them. Fast-forwarding to my family, ironically, I still have mason jars in my cupboard that we use as drinking vessels. The only issue is, if you want to take them with you on the run, you have to take the lids which in my home, have been M.I.A. for ages. Thankfully, there’s an awesome company that has come up with an uber-clever idea just for mason jars.

EcoJarz has got it right. They know that drinking out of toxic plastic containers and straws, where chemicals are leached into your food and liquids, is harmful to your health. Glass, stainless steel, and silicone products are better sustainable choices all around. With this knowledge, they’ve created several lids and straws that will fit the standard small and wide mouth mason jars, and they’re fabulous. There are no¬† BPA, or phthalates in their products.

ecojarz sustainable productsEcoJarz offers these drinktops in silicone, stainless steel, and coffee. All three are is available for the small-mouthed and wide mouth mason jars, the Pint-and-a-half size. Each drinktop has a gasket that hugs its perimeter snugly to prevent leaking. You place the drinktop on your mason jar and attach with a stainless steel jar band. It really has a super snug fit so you can feel confident using it at home, your office, and in your vehicle.

I’ve never thought of using canning jars for coffee, but what a great idea. The brown coffee silicone drink top allows you to sip your coffee while remaining cool to the lips.

EcoJarz did not forget about tea. They have a cute and sturdy little Stainless Steel Tea Infuser. I like to purchase organic loose leaf tea and it can get messy trying to prepare it. This product is so awesome, you put your tea in the basket, and hook the chain to the small hole in the drinktop. Love it!

They carry two kinds of stainless steel straws, straight and ones with a perfect bend in them.
These graceful straws boast a chic and sleek curve for drinking comfort. They’re 9- 1/2 inches long and have a narrower opening that’s ideal for sipping juices and water. They look nice and fit loosely in all three of the drinktops.

If you’re looking for a wider mouth straw for milkshakes, floats, and smoothies, EcoJarz carries an 8 mm stainless steel straw, it’s also 9-1/2 inches long. The Smoothie Straws are designed for better flow with thicker ingredients. They fit quite snug in the drinktops and work fabulously. I use them every morning in my smoothies and I really like them. All their straws are durable and will not bend or dent. To keep your straws in optimum shape, you will need to use their small bristle cleaning brushes to scrape away any resin or debris lodged inside. This is highly recommended.

I found some really cool colored Ball mason jars that work perfectly with all the Ecojarz products. I make smoothies and juices every day and it’s so nice to able to take them on the road now. I love that they can be washed over and over and reused all year around. Great for eco-conscious and trendy people and definitely a healthier alternative! Incidentally, you’ll find these lids will fit jars from other products. Recycle or repurpose all jars!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.