The Edgy Veg Cookbook

When people discover I’m a vegan, I get a glut of remarks from “that must be boring, that’s got to be hard on your family, where do you get your protein, or I could never give up_____, fill in the blank. With the variety of vegan food alternatives that are available in nearly every grocery store, it’s fairly easy to incorporate some meatless meals into your diet. And with the deluge of vegan cookbooks on the market, the transition couldn’t be any easier. This is where The Edgy Veg comes in, their recipes allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and flavors without compromising the lives of any animals.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m probably going to shove another boring, tasteless, unimaginative vegan cookbook in your face. Well yes, but no. The Edgy Veg is different. It’s a great cookbook that will introduce you to some yummy recipes using only vegan ingredients, yet the flavors are familiar and comfortable. It’s a great transition book for those wanting to edge into a vegan diet without any withdrawal or craving issue. Or maybe your someone who just wants to try something different without making any commitments. Either way, you won’t feel deprived.

The Edgy Veg Cookbook

The Edgy Veg Cookbook

The Edgy Veg offers you 138 trendy vegan recipes that will leave you feeling satisfied and excited about trying new dishes. Even though some of the recipes have animal names, vegan substitutes are definitely used. Perusing through the cookbook, the first thing you’ll notice are the photos. To me, if they’re appetizing and appealing, I’m more inclined and inspired to get in the kitchen and whip up a few of the recipes.

Some cookbooks can be complicated, but this cookbook is user-friendly – you won’t find any unusual or pompous foods or difficult instructions. A lot of people won’t attempt a vegan recipe because it’s out of their element. With this cookbook, creating vegan dishes could not be any easier. The Edgy¬†Veg is designed to set you up for success whether you’re a vegan or someone just dipping their toes in this way of eating.

Tools of the trade, pantry staples, and egg, dairy, and meat substitutes are discussed right at the onset. “Hack It” tips are sprinkled throughout the book – these offer tips, information, and suggestions that can amp up or alter the recipe you’re creating to suit your dietary needs.


Categories include The Essentials, Brunch, Souper Natural, Not-Boring Salads, Munchies, The Main Squeeze, On the Side, Thirsty Girl, and Sweet Endings.

You may notice some classic family favorites as you flip through the recipes. The Tomato Bisque and Grilled Cheese recipe is one that everyone in my family loves. They have recipes for pizza, Buffalo cauliflower wings, burritos, biscuits and gravy, fondues, tacos, pancakes, cheesecake, and ice cream. The Edgy Veg is well rounded and will give you a kickstart into the vegan world with delicious and tempting recipes.

I would add that this cookbook doesn’t really encourage searching for organic ingredients. Nor do they offer substitutes for bread like perhaps trying coconut wraps. I wish they did – I only buy certified organic bread and vegan cheeses. I guess this is where we can fine-tune or tweak the recipes to be a little healthier if we choose.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.