Embrace Every Day. Watch Incredible Stories of Healing with a Higher Power!

This episode is breathtaking docuseries is now available to watch!

Today, the seventh episode of the Radical Remission docuseries airs!

These two incredible Survivors, Ken Hatten and Pastor Charles Goodman, Jr. both committed to their respective spiritual practices, and, in combination with other healing factors, overcame their terminal diseases. 

After being diagnosed with esophageal cancer, Ken Hatten looked within and used guided imagery to imagine his whole body healed—a practice that eventually contributed to his radical recovery in just three months, without ever needing any conventional medical treatment.

Pastor Charles Goodman, Jr. was diagnosed with ALS during his junior year of college and told that he had only two years to live.

That night, he got down on his knees and prayed to God, asking for direction. A few months later, he started spontaneously preaching. Little by little, he recovered full use of his body and is still alive today, nine years later.

“They tell you you’ve got 24 months to live, then we embrace every day.” – Pastor Charles Goodman Jr.

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After this episode, you can discover the next healing factor, Using Herbs and Supplements—which starts at 4:00 PM PT.

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