Emotional Freedom Techniques

In the field of energy Psychology, a modality called Emotional Freedom Technique- EFT has become very popular among all walks of people. EFT is a system – a healing tool where you tap on specific energy meridian points on your body. Very often an emotional or physical issue can be traced back to an unresolved emotion that inhibits the body’s natural healing process. You can have the best diet and lifestyle, but unless these emotional barriers are broken down, you will not experience total wellness.

By lightly tapping with your fingertips on these meridian points in conjunction with positive affirmations,  you can clear an emotional blockage. Many people have found rapid relief from this technique since it was introduced to us by founder Roger Callahan. Others have gone on to continue this branch of energy work and have written a number of books that focus on various issues like weight loss, abundance, PTSD, stress, healing yourself, and many more.

I have personally tried EFT and it does not work for me. It did not work for my daughter or other family members either. Many say that EFT has no benefit beyond the placebo effect, but an enormous amount of people swear by it. I’m also aware that what might not work for you, will have a profound effect on others. For that reason, I’m sharing the newest EFT books.

EFT For Meditation

If you have a rough time trying to meditate, the EFT for Meditation may offer some help. Our constant thoughts keep scrolling through our mind and we can’t seem to focus or calm down. EFT can potentially release issues like fear or doubt that hinder our ability to tune out the world and get into a tranquil state and enjoy the full body-mind-spirit benefits of meditation. There’s lots of valuable information about the benefits of meditation and practical advice on how to incorporate EFT to make the experience more effective.

The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self

If you’re like many, things were going fairly well in your life when all of a sudden you’ve hit some roadblocks. Traumas, dramas, and even things unbeknownst to you can hamper your success and influence whether you live a life of love, peace, and fulfillment. But, many have used EFT to transform their lives and plow through those roadblocks.

The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self offers readers a 21-day program where they can tap into and explore self-discovery and self-development. Dealing with subjects like Letting Go of the Past, Letting Go of Anger, Self Acceptance, and many more, you’ll give yourself a kickstart into becoming your authentic self. Using EFT throughout each of the 21 stages you’ll be able to apply the Daily Challenges to help the changes take root.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.