Empower Your Life with Crystal Muse

Ancient civilizations understood and revered the significant healing, energetic and magical powers of crystals. Ancient Egypt, Traditional Chinese Medicine, priests, priestesses, shamans, medicine men, and other healers utilized crystals to access other realms of consciousness, for cleansing, balancing energies, attracting fortunes and much more.

Crystals are still acknowledged and respected for their enormous benefits and properties today. But, how would a newbie or layman glean these benefits and use crystals in their everyday life? There are a lot of books on the market, but Crystal Muse cuts right to the chase with their Everyday Rituals to Tune in to the Real You! It’s a culmination of over 25 years of crystal experience and offers an alternative way to tune into the real you – to reflect and to manifest some of your deepest desires.

I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty of the crystals but never knew how to really use them effectively. I get lost with cleansing and the use of each stone – it seems a bit complicated. Sometimes when I go to Calgary, I’ll go to this enormous crystal shop and fondle all the gorgeous colorful stones. If there was a crystal business in my city, I’d have a lot more of them in my home. But, I only have a few of them and they sit on my dresser just for their stunning appearance.

But after receiving a copy of Crystal Muse, I thought I’d look deeper into using crystals for specific purposes. The book begins with a story about one of the author’s journey with crystals. How walking into a crystal shop changed her life forever and she became obsessed with learning all she could about each kind of stone. I can appreciate that experience. Walking into a crystal shop can overwhelm you with the energy of so many stones. Each stone is unique and emits vibrational energy that could potentially act as a tool for awakening, shifting, or transforming one’s life. That statement alone is so inviting and intriguing.

This is what Crystal Muse does, it introduces you to crystals and shares how you can use them in specific rituals. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The second chapter – Crystal Crash Course – shares the low down on what crystals are and what they can do for you. There is a colored page filled with 48 different crystals (with their names on the reverse side of the page, but they are in the wrong order) so you can become familiar with them.

There’s also another page that shows the different crystal shapes and why they work. Pyramids are one of the most powerful tools for amplifying energy and manifesting our heart’s desires. This chapter also shares how to connect with your crystals and program them with an intention. You’ll also learn to smudge and use Ho Ľoponopono.

The rest of the book shares specific rituals for Space Clearing, Unwinding the Mind, The Temple Within, Be a Money Magnet, Breakdown to Breakthrough, The Love Guru, Baby Makes Three, Sweet Dreams, Stop Sucking My Energy, Living in Tune With the Moon, Your Creative Spirit and The Now of Spirituality. At the beginning of each chapter, you’ll find a list of the crystals you’ll need to perform each ritual. Purchasing the stones you’ll need can be quite costly, so decide which rituals really resonates with you and gather your supplies.

There’s also crystal information highlighted on various pages that go deeper into some crystals. The history, lore, and healing properties are expanded upon along with their origin, color, and nicknames. For instance, Labradorite – aka Wisdom Keeper – the Magician – helps you tap into a higher state of consciousness and will keep your energy grounded.

In the Money Magnet Chapter, I thought I’d try the Lucky 7s Ritual. It calls for clear quartz, pyrite, and aventurine. My stones are not all the same sizes. In fact, my pyrite is just tiny crumbs and my clear quartz is a big wand. But, I thought I’d give it a try. It also calls for dollar bills with a specific number on it, but here in Canada, we no longer have one-dollar bills. So, I used $20 bills. Did the ritual work? Nah! I was so hoping.

Crystal Muse is filled with lots of beautiful images and the explanations are very easy to follow. I feel like I’ve been educated and I’m way more comfortable with using these precious stones. Will I try the ritual again? Absolutely!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.