Energy Healing Modalities Made Easy

Energy medicine is no longer a weird science, quick trend, or deemed a quirky sideshow act. It’s evolving at quantum leaps and its¬†credibility is being recognized even in allopathic fields. Far fewer people are raising their eyebrows or giving you that stink eye look. More and more are becoming conscious of our bodies natural ability to heal and are turning to different modalities for a number of reasons. Healing, removing blockages, chakra clearing, balancing mind, body and spirit, emotional issues, past life trauma,¬†and everyday drama, and so much more are addressed with energy healing methods.

Energy healing modalities go deep, activate the body’s subtle energies and treat the body as a whole. There are a plethora of different healing methods and we have to explore them to see if they naturally resonate with us. I have a few new books that will encourage you to explore a few fields of energy healing and appreciate how easy they are to learn.

Energy Healing Made Easy

Energy Healing Made Easy

Energy healing is such a broad subject. It focuses on our life force – our chi energy and branches into energy medicine, vibrational medicine, energy therapies, spiritual healing, and many many other forms. It can be confusing to wrap your mind around its effect on your minds and bodies. Energy Healing Made Easy will introduce you to what healing energy is and how to incorporate it into your lives.

The book is divided into three parts, each with several chapters. Part I deals with What is Energy Healing and Getting Started. Part II focuses on The Principles of Energy Healing and covers Centering, Grounding, and Expanding. Part III dives into Taking It Further and covers Creating More Space for Your Self and Energy Healing as a Spiritual Practice. The chapters are clear, informative, and easy to understand. At the end of each chapter is a list of exercises you can participate in. They will help you focus on your breathing, expand your awareness, guide you through the steps and help you develop your skills as an energy healer.

Reiki Made Easy

Reiki Made Easy

Reiki Made Easy, Heal Your Body and Your Life with the Power of Universal Energy will share the history of this modality and how to use it in your everyday life to heal. This book is divided into three sections, The Basics, The System of Reiki and Notes For/From the Practice.

The first section shares how Reiki was developed by founder Mikao Usui. It covers what energy is and how Reiki connects to this energy and how we can use it to heal ourselves. The second section share how the Reiki system is taught, the symbols, meditation, energy clearing, distant healing, and advanced techniques. There are 3 levels in Reiki and you need to be attuned in each one to intensify the energy you feel and can share with others. The last section shares how to put Reiki into practice on specific issues. There are explanation diagrams, several exercises at the end of each chapter and a summary of what information the chapter covered. It’s a very well written book and you can learn Reiki principles, but you would still need a Reiki master to attune you. You would at least discern if you wish to peruse this modality.

The Akashic Records Made Easy

The Akashic Records hayhouse

The Akashic Records are an all-encompassing energetic library that houses all human thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions, and intentions that occur in the past, present and future. At one time it was thought that only privileged people could access them, but that simply is not true. In this book, the author will walk you through the steps in order to access these records and explain how they can help us transform your lives.

The book is divided into four parts, What Are the Akashic Records, All About You, A Universe of Information and Opportunity and The Records Never Ends. I’ve always had a deep interest in the Akashic Records but found it confusing. The first section of this book will enlighten all about the Akashic Records and explain how we can open these records to change anything in our lives. You’ll learn about reincarnation, karma and our soul’s path. The second section shares how we have our own personal records in this spiritual library and how we can go in and alter them for our current and future benefits. We can also set future intentions. Some issues that we seem to relive can be rewritten and these include highly emotionally charged events, health issues and physical traumas, and relationship patterns.

The third section covers how our energy expands and attracts what we focus on. What we do and what choices we make today will affect our future. You’ll learn about the angels and guides to the Akashic Records. Learn how to discover hidden talents, expand current talents, and find utter joy in life.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.