Energy Strands and Sacred Traveler

Ever notice that when you’re around certain people you either feel good or drained? Or maybe you felt an instant bond or love attraction. These are all examples of energy strands connecting you to those people. But you can also have energy strands connecting you to things and places. Ancient shamanic tradition states that there are strands or cords of energy that flow everywhere connecting us to everything. How do energy strands form and can we remove them? Energy Strands, The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords That Are Constricting¬† Your Life has all the answers.

Energy Strands,

The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords That Are Constricting  Your Life,

I had heard about energy strands through an energy medicine course I took, but never really delved into the subject. According to author Denise Linn, energy strands are not just the etheric and astral cords of connection between people, places, objects, or events; they also serve a pathway for subconsciously sending and receiving energy and information to and from these same sources. Some of these energy strands though can have a negative impact on us. But, they would not be connected to us unless there was an energy match in the first place.

We can have energy strands to our family members, pets, ancestors, co-workers, and neighbors. You may also create strands or filaments to public figures, celebrities, and so forth. These strands can go even deeper, you can create commitment strands, past-life strands, idea strands, dream strands, astral attachment strands, ghost or spirit attachment strands, addiction and obsession strands, prayer strands, soul strands, and more. Some of these strands can be very thick cords, others may be spider web thin.

If the cords have a positive vibe, then there is no need to worry or remove them, but if they have a negative vibe and affect your well being, then Energy Strands also offers several exercises to remove them. This does not mean you can have a relationship with this person, it just means that the bad energy has been removed. There are several exercises featured in this book that will walk you through the process of removing unwanted cords. There are also several steps and methods mentioned that you can take to protect yourself with an energy field. I found this book quite fascinating and I’m at the onset of removing deep-seated cords from my life. This book is so well written and enjoyable to read.

The Sacred Traveler

Oracle Cards

All of us are here on Earth for a specific purpose – our own spiritual quest, but we are fraught with uncertainties and may not know what that purpose is. Many people consult oracle cards for these answers and many more. They are also called wisdom cards and provide a barometer for those seeking guidance in all forms. We all have spirit guides and angels that help us, but most of us do not hear them or recognize signs or events. Oracle cards can clear up some answers for us and help us discern the meaning of various signs and eerie coincidences in our lives, leading your transformation.

The Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards is a beautiful deck featuring a purple Mandela on one side and whimsical medieval artwork on the reverse side. The deck comes with a matching guidebook that will disclose and interpret the meaning of each card. You’ll feel like you’ve entered another realm – a magical veiled dimension where truthful answers reside. Answers that will align your inner spiritual existence with your outer life.

There are a few steps involved before you use the deck. It should be first cleared of any bad or negative energy. I smudged with sage, but other suggestions are offered in the guidebook. You would also want your area to be clutter-free and your mind and heart to be centered. It’s a wonderful deck to add to my collection.

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