Engaging Storybooks for Toddlers

Setting our kids up to be good readers should probably start during toddlerhood. Although they have busy minds and limited attention spans, there is an abundance of books that will captivate their curiosity. Cheerful images, bright colors and moving parts will get them absorbed in a book’s contents. Here is a selection of interactive toddler-friendly storybooks that will inspire them to crack open the cover.

Who Love Books

Who Love Books

Who Love Books is an interactive board book filled with tempting flaps that kids will want to peek behind. Under each flap, is revealed things we would see in nature. Plus, they also share what animals like to do and which ones love to read. Bees buzz, clouds swirl, trees whisper, but which animals like to read? Filled with bright and bold colors and adorable illustrations, toddlers enjoy exploring the pages. With the help of Squirrel, kids will comprehend colors, shapes, and who loves to read storybooks.

A to Z Menagerie

A to Z Menagerie storybook

A to Z Menagerie is an interactive ABC Baby Book and Sensory Alphabet Board Book for Babies and Toddlers. This interactive board book features a plethora of items and animals that start with every letter of the alphabet. Each letter includes a large cut so kids can trace them with their fingers. Plus, there is a pull tab that features an image starting with that letter. Although the images are small, they all have a punch of color that is appealing. Toddlers will have fun while learning new and unusual words and some phrases as they expand their vocabulary. A is for Apricot, Alpacas, Avocado, Aloe, Alligator and so many more. Have you heard of a Quokka or Axolotl? It a great book to introduce toddlers to a diverse selection of words and images.

This Is Baby

This is Baby storybook

This Is Baby is an endearing storybook that teaches toddlers all about babies. It highlights and teaches the words to different body parts from head to toe and how we use them. Plus, they share a variety of cute animals that have the same body part. Babies have ears and elephants have really big ears. Babies have arms and an octopus has eight arms. Arms can be used for hugging. The illustrations are sweet, colorful and toddler relatable. It’s educational and lots of fun to explore and read.

Search Castle

Search Castle Storybook

Search Castle is a magical medieval castle-shaped board book filled with 37 secret flaps. Kids love fantasy! They will experience the inside of a majestic castle as they search for a special item. You see, the princess has lost a crown and she needs the help of the readers to find it. Both ends of the book open, revealing each side for a panoramic view. Each page has a clue written in a rhyming format. As readers follow the instruction, they will peek under flaps in the many rooms of the castle in an effort to find the crown. The illustrations are beautiful, whimsical and colorful. Toddlers will have so much fun on this quest as they investigate and probe through the castle. Kids love storybooks because they are fun to explore, parents love them because they are great educators.

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