Pictures on Gold Engravable Heart Photo Laser Keychain

Valentine’s Day opens up an opportunity to tell someone just how much we love them, in a sweet and romantic way. The stores are laden with the traditional chocolates, stuffed toys, affectionate cards, bouquets of flowers, and jewelry. But, what better way to say I love you than by thinking outside the norm and giving your special loved one, a personalized gift.

Pictures on Gold has an abundance of gift ideas that can be personalized with your endearing words or pictures. This year, how about giving a Stainless Steel Engravable Heart Photo Laser Keychain.

I was thrilled to able to personalize a keychain with the image and name of one of my precious cats. The image I provided them had a dark background, but they were able to remove it easily and only feature my cat’s picture. They did such a great job.

PicturesonGold Photo Keychain


The keychain itself is 1 1/4 inch wide x 1 inch tall and is made from a ‘hearty’ stainless steel. It has a nice soft heart shape with a smaller inner heart shape that encloses your special picture. The front features a smooth and textured edge for contrast and decoration.The back is smooth and plain offering the ideal place to engrave a name, a word, or endearing inscription. This engravable area measures 3/4 inch wide x 3/4 inch tall.

Pictures on Gold Engravable Heart Photo Laser Keychain

You can use any image and have the option of it being shown in either color or black and white. My keychain turned out gorgeous, the picture is so clear that I can see my cats big blue eyes and whiskers. I’m an emotional person and receiving a gift that was personalized just for me would be touching and very sentimental.

Customizing your own keychain is very easy, just follow the steps and prompts and make your selections along the way, then it will be shipped to you very quickly.

It’s a durable product that can tolerate lots of bumps and thumps along the way. All Sterling Silver is protected with a tarnish resistance to help it last for years without tarnishing.

Swing by Pictures on Gold and check out all their other products. They have oodles of heart-shaped lockets, like their Build Your Own Locket. They’ve made Valentine’s Day gift creating so easy! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!