Epiphane Photography Bags

As we get prepared for traveling during the holiday season, a long list of ‘must take’ is made in an effort to organize our trip. Most of us like to take our phone, laptop, iPad, Tablet, and our cameras. If you’re like me, you end up tossing them in your luggage wrapped in clothing or shoved carelessly in your carry on piece. Laptop and tablets seem to fit nicely in most bags but cameras need more consideration. It would be really nice to find a bag that accommodates all our electronic devices.

Epiphane Bags is the brainstorm of photographer Maile Wilson. After years of traveling with bags suited for men or shoving her camera aimlessly in her purse, she decided to launch her own company. Hence Epiphane Bags was born. They offer chic and stylish bags that can accommodate and suit all our hi-tech needs. Her collection has expanded from three to twelve styles and over 60 different bags that accommodate cameras, laptops and even backpacks for those who prefer their hands free. And there are oodles more to come!

Personally, l like to travel with either crossbody or backpack bags, and I found a gorgeous Epiphane bag that works well with my needs. The London bag can be used as a backpack or a messenger style bag. I always seem to choose black because, after many trips, scuff marks and scrapes seem to mar any colored bags I have. Black just seems to take a beating better in the long run.

I’m totally in love with this bag; it has a pocket, pouch, or zipper compartment for anything you could possibly be traveling with. It’s a very sturdy bag constructed with water-resistant, high-quality synthetic leather. Considering its size, 17.5″L x 6.5″W x 12″H, it only weighs 4 lbs so it won’t feel overwhelming when you add your content. The front has two snack closures and one turn-lock clasp. Pulling the flap back, you are immediately exposed to two large pouches. Here you have ample room for any necessities like adapters, keys, memory cards and so much more.

The back has two very large compartments, one has a zipper and the other a velcro closure. Both are perfect for books, maps, itineraries, and boarding passes. The zipper compartment area has a soft foam layer inside so your tablet or iPad would receive this added protection from any impact. There’s a large pouch on each side of the bag where water, snacks, gloves, sunglasses, or an umbrella.

The main compartment is secured with a sturdy zipper. The inside panel or dividers are quite thick and made of an uber soft foam which will tolerate all bumps and bangs along the way. Here all your gear, laptop, and camera pieces, can get all snuggled up against the cushioned foam and rest peacefully from any harm. You also stow fragile items here as well if you’re traveling and picked up a delicate souvenir. These dividers can be fully removed, so you can easily transition to an everyday bag! You can also quickly adjust the straps from messenger to backpack in just moments. The London camera bag is an incredibly versatile bag and perfect for the avid and novice photographer alike.

Epiphane Bags has volumes of styles and colors to choose from to suit any taste or budget. They would also make awesome Christmas gifts!!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.