Espionage, Spies and Forensic Science

Bond! James Bond! In the world of MI6, secret agents, double agents, secret intelligence, counterintelligence, espionage, government and military secrets, surveillance, and more, spies such as Agent 007 have brought to life the thrill and danger of this profession or way of life. There are copious movies and some tv shows that portray the life of a spy, the most famous being James Bond and The Man From Uncle. They reveal the realistic, brutal, and scary side of a spy’s life. Then there are shows like Austin Powers and Get Smart that displays the humorous side of being an International Man of Mystery. Danger is my middle name!

As captivating and alluring as these movies and shows are, the harsh reality is that the spy world is real, spy schools exist and forensic science uses their advanced methods to solve crimes they leave in their wake. People are fascinated and intrigued by both worlds and want to learn more. Now they can with new releases from DK Books that reveal the facts, factions, fatalities, fugitives, and the fearless.

Ultimate Spy

Ultimate Spy - Peek inside the covert world of espionage - its history, high-tech spy gadgets, and aspects of spycraft from surveillance to assassination.

The Ultimate Spy exposes the secretive and shadowy truths of daring exploits, ruthless agents, coercion, code names, spy devices, intelligence agencies, assassinations and so much more. The contents are divided into two sections with several chapters each.

Famous Spying Operations

  • Early Espionage
  • WWII
  • Cold War
  • Post-Cold War Spying
  • How to be a Spy

Equipment and Techniques

  • Cameras
  • Secret Operations
  • Counterintelligence
  • Clandestine Communications
  • Weapons

The onset of the book begins with early spies and how they entered the spy world. Some were coerced and flattered, while others were blackmailed due to compromising lifestyles. Each spy had a codename and specific roles to play, be they courier, caseworker, double agent, assassin, or even defector. Spies go back all the way to 400 BCE with Chinese general Sun-Tzu and thrived through the Renaissance era, Civil War, WWI, Revolutionary Russia, and WWII till today. You’ll read about code breakers, special equipment, fake ids, spy houses, and an abundance of spy profiles.

If you like gadgets, learn about cameras, from concealed to subminiature to necktie to lipstick to clocks to eyeglass cases to pinholes and so many more. There are also a plethora of various surveillance items, communication devices, and concealed weapons that were used throughout the years. Now in modern times, spying has ventured into the tech world. If you are interested in becoming a spy, the back of the book divulges information on training and recruitment and what traits are necessary to carry out this line of work. There are hundreds of photos or real agents and the devices they used. It’s a great read.

Forensic Science

Forensic Science - Explore the fascinating, and sometimes gory, world of forensics, where science helps crack the case.

Forensic Science will share advanced scientific methods and knowledge to investigate crimes. These methods are used in crime scenes, laboratories, during autopsies, and more. The FBI, police, and courts of law all rely on forensic evidence to solve crimes and find guilty parties.

The content starts off with early forensics. Even though they are crude compared to today’s standards, they are the forefathers that helped forensics be the force it is today. Cesare Lombroso was an Italian criminologist who invented the Lie Detector which has gone on to be an invaluable tool. Mathieu Orfila was called the Father of Toxicology and his methods have been expanded and improved upon to fit modern forensics.

Readers will learn how a crime scene is secured, how evidence is handled and recorded to taking and analyzing fingerprints. Bloodstains! John Glaister, a Scottish police doctor classified bloodstains into six types according to their shapes. These classifications are still used today. Learn about DNA analysis, trace evidence, natural clues, and impressions. The book then ventures into firearms, bugs, GPRs, poisons, physical anthropology, the E-Fit System, profilers, and a lot more. With lots of photos and real-life mysteries solved by forensics, this book is sure to keep you immersed in its contents.

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