Essentia Pet Bed Holiday

It’s the Christmas season and our kids have their wish lists filled with their deepest longings. My nephew’s little boy wants a puppy. A friend’s grandchild wants a special breed kitten. We as parents really have to reflect and determine if our kids have the capability to be responsible for taking care of a pet. Playing with a puppy or kitten is an easy step. They need the basics, nutritious organic food, clean water, and daily brushing. In addition to these, they will also need several pet accessories, one being a quality pet bed.

Essentia provides us with memory foam products made from 100% chemical-free, organic and natural ingredients. All other memory foams are made from petroleum-based chemicals. One of those products is a luxurious pet bed. The Kingston pet bed is made from shredded Natural Memory Foam and natural latex for maximum pressure relief, breathability, and durability. We have a lot of natural and organic products in our home and it just wouldn’t be kind to exclude our pets from enjoying and using these higher caliber products as well.

The Kingston is very well constructed and built to withstand the natural abuse caused by pets. My cats have to walk all over the pet bed and claw it or knead it until they feel it’s just right to rest on. It’s fabulously soft and cozy and my pets will hog the bed if they get the opportunity. Usually, there are two on the bed at one time.

It’s covered with a very warm and restful organic cotton sherpa fabric on top and a nonslip grip fabric on the bottom. This cover can be removed and washed when needed. My cats stay inside most of the time so they haven’t tracked in a lot of dirt, nor have they thrown up a hairball on it, so I  haven’t had the need to wash it yet. But, I do vacuum it every day and it looks just like new.

It boasts more stunning attributes, its dust mite deterrent & hypoallergenic, adhesive frees, and provides supreme support and comfort for our pets. Honestly, it’s so comfy I was tempted to rest on it. It doesn’t have any funky synthetic smell and there’s no fabric pilling like the cheaper pet beds sold on store shelves. I happen to like the neutral stripes they have as trimming around the midsection, it goes with my color tones. All in all, it’s a remarkable pet bed and ideal for anyone who is considering getting a pet or just wanting to upgrade their pet accessories. What a great gift idea this product would make. Essentia products are available in several cities throughout US and Canada or you can order online. We love the Kingston pet bed!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.