The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book

Growing up my grandmother and mother always made homemade bread, buns, and baked goods. I never got sick or overweight from eating foods made from scratch. But as soon as I started eating store-bought bread and bakery items, I got stomach aches and allergies. Bakery breads are made from flours that are processed in a way that during the milling process they remove the germ portion of the kernel. As a result, vitamins and minerals are stripped from the kernel, and you’re left with nutrient-deficient flour. A way to rectify this is by milling your own grains and my new book The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book is a great resource.

The benefits of grinding your own grains are enormous. It’s healthier and nutritious, the flavor and taste are far more delicious, your baked goods have a better texture, there’s loads of fiber, and you save a lot of money. I know it sounds overwhelming, but this book walks you through the steps so you will feel confident all the way. Chapter four will get you going with choosing the mill and mechanism. There are 3 kinds of flour mills, manual, electric, and convertible. Each varies in design and price. You’ll also learn the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations milling presents.

Baking is a culinary art as well as a science. It revolves around the reactions that take place when flour, fat, and water are combined. It’s not so technical, but there are a few basic principles you’ll need to grasp, and these are shared in Chapter five. Chapter six goes into different flours and their textures, flavors, and characteristics. I was amazed at all the different varieties like sorghum, quinoa, and even lentils. Part Two of this book gets you creating some delicious and wholesome recipes from buns to breads to biscuits to rolls to bagels to cookies and so much more.

My sister is the suzie-homemaker of the family, and she is enjoying the scrumptious recipes. There are 100 recipes for tasty treats such as quick breads, muffins, cookies, pastries, and more! Each recipe has tips and suggestions on the columns that offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options.

There are lots of bright and bold mouth-watering images that will inspire you to get into the kitchen and mill your own grains and make homemade foods from scratch. If you have a passion for baking and have contemplated milling your own flour, then this book will get you started and have you creating perfect breads and more.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.