Eternal Seeker Oracle Deck

There are so many things wrong in the world. We have a minority group of uber-elite that are destroying our planet, our environment, our food supply, our water, our wildlife, and our health. They have the power because we have surrendered and have foolishly given it to them. They have done so much devastating harm. All the universal negative fears, lies, propaganda, and energies are breaking our world and many are losing hope of a better future. We bought into this, but at the back of our minds, we know this is wrong. We’re not listening to our intuition and instincts which usually send us red flags and warnings. It’s up to us to shift our frequency and use our influence and our powers to create the world we want. A new age is upon us and it’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to reach our highest potential. We are fighting the biggest fight of our lives and creating the world we want to live in as we strive for freedom and our own human sovereignty.

So how can we be part of the positive change we urgently need in the world? Well, to start, everyone has to do their own shadow work. We have to work on, acknowledge and clear the past hurts, past traumas, and past wounds. If we don’t do this, we are going to project these energies back into the collective. Individually and collectively we must step up our game so we can hit the ground running as we build the structures of the new humanity.

But, most of us will need some help to do this. One source is Oracle cards which can offer guidance, insight, and enlightenment. If you look up the word oracle, it means it provides wise insight and reveals hidden knowledge and prophetic predictions about the future. The Eternal Seeker Oracle Deck was designed to help us rest old hurts, clear confusions and emotional ties, and heal those fragments of ourselves that have prevented us from living our highest selves. It will also help us understand the language of our soul so we can reconnect and embrace our naturally born intuition.

Eternal Seeker Oracle Deck

The Eternal Seeker Oracle Deck includes 33 Rider-Waite-inspired artistic cards and a large comprehensive guidebook in a decorative storage box with a magnetic closure on the side. The back of the deck has the Fibonacci Spiral which is also known as the Golden Ratio or the Golden Mean. To me, it has a water influence with large seashells and a serene blue/green background. You can read more about this geometric spiral at the back of the guidebook.

  • Eternal Seeker Oracle Readers’ Ethics
  • What is an Oracle
  • The Care & Feeding of Your Oracle Deck
  • Keeping a Journal
  • Composing Questions
  • Shuffling and Dealing the Cards
  • Oracle Card Spreads
  • The Cards

The artistic imagery on the cards is so lovely; they’re very colorful, very vibrant, and have a hand-drawn, hand-painted vibe as opposed to digital art. They’re whimsical, wonderful, and filled with the wisdom we seekers are searching for. The cards are 3.5 x 5 ( 8.9 x 12.7 cm) inches in size. They’re the perfect size for shuffling and dealing without any discomfort. They’re nice and sturdy, yet moderately flexible. The cards have a high gloss finish but no gilding on the edges. Each one is named and numbered and their meaning is revealed in the guidebook.

As you peruse the guidebook, you will see that each card is featured in color, comes with a quote, and shares which of the Major Arcana it is inspired and influenced by. So the first card in the deck is Number 1, The Seeker. It was inspired by the Fool in the tarot deck. Number Two in the deck is called Magus and was inspired by the tarot’s Magician. Number 3 is The Oracle and was influenced by the tarot’s High Priestess… and so on. But, as there are only 22 Major Arcana, the other 11 cards are influenced by other sources, like the Steele Wizards Tarot which has 88 cards in its deck to bring clarity and depth to your readings. Interesting, I haven’t heard of this deck.

Number 17 Attachments- shown above. Release what no longer serves who you are now. Inspired by the tarot card The Devil, 17’s biblical meaning is “overcoming the enemy.” … “Trapped in eternal flames of unbridled passion and hatred, a magnificent white Pegasus spreads its powerful wings… There is no savior coming to aid the fallen. There is only one way to break free of the binding captivity. Gathering inner strength, the embattled steed launches into the fiery air, knowing the inferno cannot defeat the power of the true spirit.

Aside from the in-depth description and interpretation of the cards, you’ll also get the reversed card significance and some guidelines on these meanings. Plus, ample space is provided for you to make notes. I haven’t seen this in any guidebook before, so it’s an extra bonus to have the space to pen your insight or experiences.

The back of the book has a message from the oracle creator and a Resource page that explains the Wicca symbols and the three Elder Futhark rune symbols that are on some of the oracle cards. The Eternal Seek Oracle is a beautiful deck, that with the assistance of the various spreads, can offer users insight and guidance to clearing their past woes and how to become the aware and intuitive beings they were meant to be.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.