Eureka AirSpeed One Vacuum

With the hectic or lazy hazy days of the warm weather behind us, (reflective on your summer), it’s a little tough to get back into the normal buzz or groove of everyday life. Vacation time is over and the kids are back in school. Our family had a couple of kids off to University recently so we helped them get all their essentials ready for their year stay. Of course, they need food, clothing, books, dishes, etc., but they also need tools to keep their humble abode clean and tidy.

Realistically kids don’t like to clean so having a product that is user-friendly will make the chore just a little more doable. Recently I got a Eureka AirSpeed One vacuum to work with and it has a host of home-friendly attributes.

Eureka AirSpeed One vacuum components

The first thing I noticed was how incredibly lightweight it is. It’s easy to maneuver from room to room or up several flights of stairs. What I really like is that all your accessories are attached to the vacuum, you don’t need another cleaning tool to do edges, corners, ceilings, or furniture.

Eureka AirSpeed One vacuum

It’s super easy to put together and use. It has a control dial on the side which you have the option of turning to either floors or tools. The floor level has 5 different height settings so it will clean various carpet types.

The suction is wonderful, it has 10 amps of power so it picks up all debris in its path. It has a strong grip yet literally glides easily with just a few fingers. It has a nice long 20 feet cord that’s perfect for small apartments or reachable to a couple of rooms within a big home. I only wish the cord was retractable, but it does have hooks on the back of the vacuum to wind the cord up neatly.

It has an air path that is higher up on the vacuum, from the floor up to the cup which I like. There are no bags to worry about, just a filter that’s easy to remove, made out of foam, and is completely washable. Just think of the money you’ll save not having to continually replace the filters.

I love to see how much dirt, dust, hair, and fibers are sucked up from my carpet. I have four pets so I have to vacuum every day. It always amazes me that we are living with all this stuff clinging to our carpets and how fabulous it feels to remove it. All this debris is visible and collected in the dust cup. It’s attached to the bottom of the filter and you untwist it to empty it.

The accessory attachments are located on the backbone of the vacuum. There are an upholstery, furniture, and dusting brush along with a crevice tool that is nestled in the extension wand.

I was really impressed with its overall performance, that I mentioned it to my mother. She’s elderly and has a sore back so she can’t lift or pull heavy items. I took it over and let her try it out. She loved how easy it was to push and pull and how simple it was to clean. She didn’t have a lot of bending and turning to do, the vacuum did most of the work.

So whether you’re a homemaker, a senior or a student on a budget, this vacuum provides a lot of bang for its buck. You will not be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.