Eureka SuctionSeal Pet Vac

Every Spring we have the daunting task of cleaning our homes from top to bottom. My infinite list of chores seemed rather disheartening and grim at first. This year it’s more of a challenge for me as I’m also purging and organizing, so I delayed in getting started due to lack of enthusiasm and perhaps a slight aversion to cleaning. I really dislike cleaning things twice. I believe having the right tools will prevent time-wasting and expedite cleaning tasks.

I’ve been a huge fan of Electrolux for a very long time. I grew up with an Electrolux canister vacuum that lasted for so many years and never let us down. Today Electrolux is providing the same quality products to 21st-century families that lead hectic and busy lives. Our kids, pets, family, and friends can track in a lot of dirt and debris that unknowingly accumulates over time.

I have been adopting cats for over 25 years so I know there will be hair everywhere and it can be difficult to get off. Keeping our home clean is something I keep on top of. Having a powerful vacuum that is designed specifically with pet upkeep in mind is imperative. The Eureka SuctionSeal Pet Vacuum with AirSpeed Technology is one amazing household appliance that all pet owners would really appreciate.

The first thing you’ll notice is its weight. This beautiful dark red hefty helper weighs in at 20 lbs so you know it has a bigger motor with 12 Amps of power. But, it’s still easy to maneuver and manipulate anywhere. It’s very well built, it’s sturdy, and the placement of all the pieces works harmoniously. It’s an upright which I really like. The less I have to bend to the floor, the better. The power switch/lever is below the cord and at times my foot will miss it because I can’t see it.

This Eureka Pet Vac has a multitude of attributes:
Exhaust/HEPA filter with Charcoal
7 Setting Height Adjustments
EZ Roll Soft Wheels
Pet Power Paw Turbo Brush
Pet Upholstery Brush
39 Feet of Extended Reach
Washable Dust Cup Filter
Flip Bottom Dust Cup
14″ Cleaning Path
Low Profile Cleaning Nozzle
Auto Cord Rewind
Many more attachments

It has AirSpeed technology which means it ups the volume of airflow for more suction. There is a switch on the side where you can choose either floor or tools. Turn it to floor mode, and the plates will adjust by raising or lowering to the carpet, hardwood, or tile while maintaining a seal for ultimate suction. There is a manual dial just above the suction seal where you choose which surface you will be cleaning. It has dual-edge cleaners so no more dirty corners. The suction is supreme and removed embedded cat hair on all surfaces. You can visibly see all the dirt and debris being sucked into the canister. It worked very well on all floor surfaces.

Turn the AirSpeed control to tools and you open a whole new world of super clean. I love using the extended hose and the attachments. The hose extends to a whopping 39′ so it’s great for cleaning stairs and ceilings. I could not believe all the dust that came off my ceilings. The wand has two positions which extend for harder to reach areas. You attach a tool on the end and watch how fast it works. The Pet Power Paw Turbo Brush is beyond amazing. It will remove pet hair from any surface, but especially furniture. I’ve used other turbo brushes on various vacuums and have to go over the area many times before it picks up all the hair but with this attachment, it was done the first time! Seriously! I was so impressed and pleased. It also comes with a Dusting Brush for drapes, vents and furniture, a Crevice tool for baseboards, corners and tight spaces.

It has a HEPA filter which is good for odor absorbing, cleaning the air and will help if you have allergies. I love that it’s bagless and the filter is washable, that alone will save us umpteen dollars. The canister has a release lever so you can easily empty the debris directly into your waste bin. You snap it back in place and you’re ready to go again. It has EZ soft wheels which means it won’t scratch, scrape, scar, dent or nick any of your surfaces. I also love the auto cord rewind.

My Spring cleaning is still in progress but with the Eureka SuctionSeal Pet Vac it’s never been easier and my rooms are so clean and smell so much fresher. It’s a lot more inspiring when you see positive results for your effort. It’s a super machine that I highly recommend, especially for pet owners.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.