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Exfoliate Your Way To A Beautiful Body Today! 

Did you know that after the age of 30, your skin’s ability to naturally shed dead skin cells drops significantly?

And if you’re over 40, consider this natural process almost good as gone!

This is, in fact, ONE majorly unaddressed reason why your aging skin appears more pigmented and duller, fails to retain hydration, and most skincare stops showing results.

But…there’s 1 Ayurveda-recommended in-shower 5-minute solution that can manually drive the process of removing dead skin cells for you, completely naturally! 

Mervanille Ayurvedic Sugar Body Polish

Mervanille Ayurvedic Sugar Body Polish

Not only will this easy step show the door to dead skin cells and the pesky appearances of age spots, but it will also amplify your skin’s ability to absorb subsequent skincare better and with increased efficacy.

Enriched with the 2 flavorful essentials that have enhanced the taste of every single meal that you’ve had since childhood, The Ayurveda Experience has formulated 2 sets of skincare. 2 distinctively armored warriors to fight the challenges age and environment throw at your skin daily, and you get to choose between them now!

Do you often see thinning and crepey skin on your arms and legs, riddled with the look of miniscule, darkened age spots, and dry, flaky patches? An unmatched combo of salt grains and lavender is here to relieve their look!

Mervanville Moisturizing Body Polish is a gentle sugar scrub that deeply moisturizes, exfoliates and softens the skin.

🧡A gentle, effective exfoliant to scrub away signs of tiredness, dullness and dryness
💛A nourishing blend of 4 natural oils known for their moisturizing properties
💚A 2-in-1 treasure doubling as a lip scrub when you want soft lips in a flash
🧡Free from bad chemicals, parabens, sulfates and heavy metals
💛Made from the best Ayurveda and Western skin-science
💚Blessed with the softest undertones of vanilla to serenade you as you shower

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