Extraordinary Stories of Healing – A Must Watch! This will remind you anything is possible!

Have you begun watching the Hay House Radical Remission Docuseries?

These amazing stories prove that there’s another outcome possible even in dire circumstances – which is something we all need right now! 

In the next episode, Bringing Exercise and Movement into Your Life, watch how two determined individuals overcame their cancer diagnoses without conventional medicine, but with the help of daily movement—even if it was just a short stroll through the neighborhood.

Nine years after being crowned the “Fittest Woman in the World,” Mary Rust—who was no longer as active—was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After embracing her former passion for exercise with a new focus on caring for her body (not pushing it to its limits) while exploring other alternative therapies, she was able to reverse her diagnosis and reclaim her wellness without the need for surgery or chemotherapy.

Diagnosed with “incurable” Leukemia at 28, Glenn Sabin used several natural therapies to postpone chemotherapy and stay healthy.

His favorite turned out to be exercise, which became a form of meditation that calmed his mind and regulated his emotions.

Now 28 years later, he has achieved a full and durable remission without ever needing any conventional medical treatment.

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This episode is free until 4 PM PT tomorrow!

After that, you can discover the next episode healing factor in their Radical Remission journeys — Having Strong Reasons for Living.

I highly recommend you head over to this docuseries and start watching now.

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