Chef Fabio Viviani Comfort Mat

There are many times I adore just being in the kitchen creating some awesome dishes for my family. Sometimes I’m in there for hours and hours but often I’ll have to take a break or quit because my back is throbbing or I just feel fatigued. I had a back injury several years ago and it always comes back to remind me when I’m on my feet too long. I also have tile floors and they can be hard to stand on for hours. Thankfully there are clever people who have created comfortable mats to ease our discomfort.

Chef Fabio Viviani is well known for his love and passion for Italian cuisine. As a chef, he stands in his kitchen an enormous amount of time and it was taking a huge toll on his back and feet. Taking matters seriously he joined forces with anti-fatigue mat experts Smart Step to create his own line of comfort mats, the Toscana and the Mercato mats.

 Chef Fabio Viviani Comfort Mat in burgundy

As a rule, all kitchen mats should meet certain criteria. They should be non-slip, comfy, safe, and easy to clean. The Smart Step Comfort Mats go beyond this with oodles of reassuring attributes.

First, they are incredibly beautiful and you can’t help but notice the entrancing floral pattern of the Toscana mat. Or the flatware and whimsical scrolls of the Mercato. They are rustic with the tones, richness, charm, and feel of an old Italian villa. The colors stirred up some fond memories of my travels in Italy. They come in two shades, mocha, and caramel.

  • The Absolute Best in comfort
  • Will always lie flat & never curl
  • Trip-resistant 20˚ beveled edges
  • One-piece polyurethane construction
  • Non-slip top & bottom
  • Easy to clean & anti-microbial
  • Puncture, heat & stain resistant
  • Safe, non-toxic & 100% recyclable
  • Backed by our 7-year warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

They are thick and have some weight to them so they are not going to move easily. When I first stood on the comfort mat it felt unbelievably soft and relaxing. The mats are soothing to the soul and a wonderful remedy for pain. They really are the most comfortable mats I’ve stood on. I personally like to stand on them barefoot. You will immediately feel relief in your spine and feet. The mat always lays flat, has a non-slip surface, and has beveled edges so they won’t curl and no one will trip, this is great for everyone but especially for seniors.

I also really appreciate that the mats are non-toxic especially when you have little kids and pets around. I’m also loving that the mats are stain-resistant. I don’t know how many mats I’ve stained with beet juice which is virtually impossible to get off.

I recently went to my mother’s home and noticed her ragged mat with frayed and curled edges. I was shocked at the bad shape it was in and threw it out and gave my mom the gorgeous Comfort Mat. She was so delighted and impressed with the feel of the mat. She also likes how quickly she can clean up any spills. We both agree that is an awesome mat and a must-have for all homes.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.